Avoid Summer Slowdown with Five Tips from our Online Marketing Agency

July 9, 2014

Unless you’re selling boats or fishing accessories, business can be slow in Minnesota’s summer months. Thankfully, you can fight the season’s lull and take advantage of this time to connect with key clients and untapped audiences. Brandography, your innovative Minneapolis Internet marketing agency, has a few tips to help achieve your summer goals:

1. Get Your Networking On

Joining a professional group or local organization that offers regular networking is an exceptional way to connect with new partners and clients. You gain valuable resources and contacts, and you’re likely to have a lot of fun doing so!

2. Woo Your Clients

There is no limit to summer activities between sports games, outdoor opportunities, and local events. Show your clients you appreciate their business by taking them out to a happy hour or treat them to some time on a lake.

3. Get Involved

Community involvement goes beyond a corporate donation. Similar to a networking event, volunteering in your community allows you to meet like-minded people while establishing a great reputation for you and your company.

4. Check Your Visibility

It’s important to perform regular audits of your business to make sure you are capturing every potential lead. Update your website, explore Google Analytics, and expand your reach by joining Yelp or local review sites.

5. Mix It Up

Sometimes, change can be a good thing. The online marketing specialists at Brandography are constantly finding new ways to help your business succeed. Is your monthly newsletter dragging? Try SMS marketing to get a 95%+ open rate.

Give our team a call today for a thorough digital audit that helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, updated graphic design and website photography for a great new look, or fresh SEO copywriting and blogging tips to increase your visibility on search engines.

As your partner in online advertising and marketing, Brandography is ready to help make this summer the best yet for your company. Contact us at 612.460.0016, info@brandography.com, or via our website’s contact form for a tailored summer plan.

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