What Can an SEO Agency Offer?

May 11, 2023

Choosing a local SEO agency for your business this year comes with many benefits, no matter the size of your company. An SEO (search engine optimization) or digital marketing agency can help small businesses strapped for time or resources. One may also help larger companies learn and understand the latest requirements to ensure their business doesn’t witness a surprising loss in web traffic.

A solid SEO agency also knows how to pinpoint what’s needed for your current situation. Are you starting from scratch with a new website? Are you rebuilding or rebranding your website and want to hold on to your domain rating? Each goal comes with its own specific technique, and our Minneapolis SEO agency has years of experience with hundreds of clients to back us up.

What is an SEO Agency? And What Does an SEO Agency Do?

That’s a good question to ask. In fact, a lot of people are asking it lately, as you can see in this SEO keyword explorer: 

Screenshot of a search for SEO Agency keywords

To put it simply, an SEO agency is a third-party or external resource who you hire to achieve specific goals for your website. These may include anything from better traffic for your service to more leads and, down the line, more conversions for your products.

A quality SEO or digital marketing agency will achieve these goals in a number of ways, depending on your needs. They include:

With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, you’ll want to ensure your visibility on the first page of results. Doing this yourself may require a lot of time to research, energy to implement, or even internal hiring that affects your bottom line.

Hiring a local SEO agency instead will bring you more peace of mind and deliver the results you’re looking for at the same time. An SEO agency will work for you similar to any employee you hire, though your relationship is slightly different in that you can choose the length or scope of your commitment.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with a Local SEO Agency?

You have a lot to focus on when it comes to running your business or leading your marketing division. It’s common to feel pulled in one direction, especially if you need to put out fires or play whack-a-mole with the problems on your website.

A digital marketing agency that focuses on your SEO will work out all these issues—or find ways to avoid them—in a timely manner. This means you can keep working on the other essential elements of your business in between check-ins with your local SEO agency.

Now, we know that partnering with an SEO agency isn’t as easy as signing on the dotted line. You need to figure out if it’s worth hiring outside help in the first place. Here, we’ll compare and contrast your options so you can be confident heading into your relationship.

Doing SEO On My OwnIllustration of a SEO working solo Hiring for In-House SEOIllustration of an SEO employee Partnering with an SEO AgencyIllustration of SEOs working together as a partnership
Research is widely available online, though some of it can get pretty technical or even conflicting. You’ll gain the expertise of a new team member, though you’ll need to onboard them to your processes. This will cost you time and money. You’ll gain the experience of a full team of SEOs and be able to check their results for similar clients.
After learning and implementing your site’s SEO, you’ll need to keep up on any changes. You may need to pay for ongoing training, webinars, or even off-site conferences to keep your new employee up to date on SEO changes. An SEO agency is responsible for the ongoing training of their team, not you. They’ll also be fully transparent with you on changes they need to implement.
You may see a longer delay in results as you figure out which findings are worth acting upon. You’ll need to trust yourself or your hiring team that the person you bring on has experience in the issues you’re trying to solve. You can expect an SEO agency to come with simple-to-understand reporting to your meetings. They will also work with you on KPIs and timelines for delivering results.
You can save money and maintain complete ownership over your SEO, good or bad. You’ll still maintain control over your SEO while paying someone else to do the work. You will need to give up a large amount of control, though in exchange you may receive more peace of mind.
Best for: Small business owners with basic websites and a lot of time on their hands. Best for: Established businesses with the bandwidth to add someone to your team. Best for: Businesses of any size looking for a targeted approach to their SEO efforts.

Choosing a Full-Suite, Cross-Channel SEO Agency

Improving your website’s SEO may simply require a direct approach, such as keyword research or clearing technical SEO issues after a website crawl. In many cases, however, better SEO comes through a long-term, cross-channel approach—like the kind our Minneapolis SEO agency provides at Brandography.

Our teams work together to improve your website’s search engine ranking by offering you a full-suite solution. The benefits of working with our experienced digital marketing agency over the long-term include: 

  • Content Marketing that optimizes your existing pages, blogs, and FAQs
  • Copywriting buzzworthy new content against a planned content calendar
  • Design & Rebranding support to ensure you don’t lose your ranking or identity with your existing customers
  • Email Marketing & PPC campaigns that reach your customers & leads where they are and drive them back to your website 

Is There an SEO Agency Near Me?

Yes—the chances are high that there’s an agency near you. SEO is a rapidly expanding field in the new digital marketing landscape. This means it’s only going to get more robust and technical. Like many established fields, it’ll require experts to maintain a handle on it, leading to a growing need for businesses to hire outside help from an SEO agency.

We love helping local businesses at our Minneapolis SEO agency, though you don’t need to reside nearby to gain our expertise at Brandography. With many years in the game, we’ve grown proud of our ability to handle the needs of companies across the United States—and beyond!

Check out some of our case studies to learn more about some of the clients we’ve helped in the past. If you find yourself convinced, or you’re just curious to learn more, we offer obligation-free consultations in order to learn more about what you need. We’ll bring our SEO knowledge to the table so that we can come to the right solution for you, no matter the size or needs of your business.

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