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Learn About the Risks of Failing to Have a HIPPA Compliant or Accessibile Website

For companies in the healthcare and medical device sector, having a HIPPA compliant website that meets accessibility standards is critical. Any company that collects protected health information must ensure that the collection is done safely and securely. After the information is collected, it must then be stored, and in some instances transmitted, in a HIPAA compliant manner.


HIPAA violations have been investigated.


of U.S. adults have a disability that effects major life activities.

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With all of the protected health information collection elements on your website and the lofty penalties of running afoul of HIPAA compliance and accessibility standards, companies turn to our trusted team of digital experts to build, deploy, and monitor HIPAA-friendly websites.

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We help companies launch new websites that are HIPAA compliant and meet accessibility best practices.

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Providing your website with all of the support and maintenance needed to remain in compliance.

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