Managed Website Maintenance

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Providing your website domain with a secure and high-performing cloud hosting solution.

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Ongoing Website Maintenance

Our team of experts keep a keen eye on your site to ensure it receives all of the latest updates.

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Provide your visitors with a safe and secure experience with properly configured security measures.

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From broken links to mobile responsiveness, we fix any bugs on your site that will impact the user experience of your visitors.

Protect your website with a proactive monthly maintenance plan we call Guardography. It's a monthly check-in performed by one of our developers, this plan helps you stay in the know about current or potential site issues on your site. 

That means that after scoping an initial audit of custom work, a real live human is implementing version and extension updates, applying needed patches, and performing applicable site backups every single month.

eCommerce Websites

If your website is an eCommerce site, additional work is required. This plan includes a developer ensuring the cart is functioning correctly, checking to see if the state tax is correct depending on where the customer is located, that the totals are being calculated, and more.

Developer Managed Monthly Maintenance

For the majority of your potential customers, your website will serve as their first impression of your brand. With a proactive web maintenance and performance plan, you can ensure a positive first impression.

Our clients get access to a dedicated developer who will be checking your website to ensure plugins and themes are up to date, the backend is updated, links and forms are working, the site is backed up, and more.

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Guardography Website Maintenance

Each month one of our developers will log into the backend of your website to perform a manual backup and ensure:

  • All Plugins and Themes Are Up To Date
  • Any Custom Plugins Are Audited for Updates
  • As Needed Patches Are Applied
  • Modern Browsers Are Functioning Properly Post Update
  • All Links and Forms Are Working
  • And More

eCommerce Websites

  • Verify Cart Refresh
  • Track Pricing Accuracy
  • State Tax Accuracy
  • And More