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Amazon PPC Strategy

Partner with our Amazon PPC experts to optimize campaign performance, improve landing page experience, and position your company as a unique provider of solutions for your customers' specific needs.

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Amazon Product Content

Work with our content team to expand your presence on Amazon and increase sales. We'll assess which products are performing well and identify areas of opportunity using measurable data, competitive analysis, and leading Amazon best practices.

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Amazon Business Strategy

As part of your ongoing campaign, our team will actively monitor product performance to ensure a stronger ROI.  We'll help develop strategic messaging for your campaigns that align with your brand voice and engages shoppers to make a final purchase at checkout.

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ACOS, Keywords & Product Optimization for a Wellness Company

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Find Improvement in Sales and ROI

Help potential customers find your product listings with ease and learn how to streamline their checkout process. Whether you're new to AMS or you've been selling on its digital marketplace for decades, increase keyword rankings and generate more leads with Brandography's Amazon paid marketing solutions and on-page optimization services.

Amazon PPC
Revamp Your Current Amazon PPC Campaign to:
  • Identify targeted keywords that have been proven to convert and add them to relevant landing pages
  • Monitor search terms that have converted best on the site
  • Cross-reference data conversion on your main website
  • Monitor best performing products and identify CPC price changes and competition
New to Amazon PPC?

We'll help you develop and execute a successful paid campaign and continually monitor its success over time to identify potential opportunities, as well as make adjustments as needed, to ensure optimal, long-term paid performance.

  • Conduct Keyword Research for Relevant Search Terms
  • Analyze Competitor Performance
  • Develop & Execute CPC Strategy
  • Monitor Campaign Performances
  • Test CPC Bids and Report Findings
  • Implement Negative Keyword Strategy to Streamline Relevant Search Queries


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Amazon Product Content

A comprehensive approach to digital marketing provides you with the tools, techniques, and keyword strategies to help outperform competitors and increase online sales.

Our Amazon Experts Will Help You:

  • Identify target keywords for your products
  • Optimize and restructure existing copy to align with Amazon's best practices
  • Create engaging copy and visual elements that attract the right audience
  • Build better brand awareness and consistency across all product listings
Amazon Business Strategy
Combining PPC with All Other Forms of Marketing on the Amazon Seller Platform Makes Brandography Your One-Stop- Shop
  • AMS includes PPC, Deals, Coupons, Display and More
  • Product Listing Optimization (SEO for Amazon)
  • Competitive Product Analysis
  • Product Photography
  • Build Up the Number of Reviews
  • A+ Content Creation
  • FBA v. FBS Analysis
  • Brand Registry


of Americans Have an Amazon Prime Account


of US Ecommerce Takes Place on Amazon

Improve AMS Performance and Increase Sales

Build a comprehensive marketing and business approach to AMS. We'll help you optimize Amazon PPC campaign performance, improve landing page experience, and position your company as a trusted source for quality products and customer experience!

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Marketing

  • What's an Amazon strategy?

An Amazon marketing strategy begins by scoping out the competition and their approach. From there, we look for opportunities to promote what makes your product different. We highlight your key differentiators while creating compelling bundles and packages. The trick is to stand out in the crowd and offer up something that people are looking for.

  • How are Amazon product strategies changing?

Amazon product strategies are changing based on competition as well as updates on their site. Pricing, images, reviews, and keywords are huge factors. Need to talk to an Amazon strategist? We can help.

  • Do I need an Amazon marketing strategy?

Yes! If you don’t have one and all you do is list your product, people aren’t going to be able to find it. 

And if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.

  • What is an Amazon product pricing strategy?

The pricing strategy relates to the ranking. As an Amazon ads agency, we can help you strategically promote at certain times of the week or month based on what you’re looking to accomplish. 

  • How do I grow my product on Amazon?

To grow your product on Amazon, you have to rank for it. Getting your product ranked yields better search results. If your product isn’t ranked, it’s not going to be able to grow.

  • I’m already selling my product in-store and online. Should I also sell my product on Amazon?

Yes—that way all of your eggs aren’t in one basket. Selling on Amazon will also help you with your own site. Customers who find you on Amazon often visit your site. This is an excellent way to expand your audience base as well as increase your site traffic.

  • Does Amazon PPC work?

Amazon PPC works if you know how to do it properly. Think about it like selling at a mall. If you have a small storefront with no advertising, chances are people are going to walk right on by. With the right Amazon advertising strategy, your listing is front and center. If the listing has a great design and compelling copy, people will pay attention to it.

  • How long does it take for Amazon PPC to work?

With the right team and strategy, you can see results anywhere from a week to a month.

  • What are the three Amazon PPC campaigns?

Sponsored Ads - where the regular listing appears. 

Storefront Ads - promote your entire store with a nice banner and 25 character headline.

Brand Ads - highlight a certain product or two at a time. This might be based on seasonal needs or a new product announcement.

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Amazon display ad types
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