Prioritizing Web Design for Your Rebrand

November 15, 2023

Rebranding your business is a huge decision. And once you start, it’s time to go full steam ahead, sharing your new look and feel with the world! 

Here’s the deal: your website is your digital footprint, and it needs to accurately reflect your branding. Otherwise, you risk confusing and losing past and potential customers. A website redesign or redesign can help bridge that gap so you can keep existing connections while actively building new ones! 

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3 Common Ways to Update Your Site During a Rebranding


  1. Logo, Colors, and Fonts Update.
    These are the building blocks of branding—your digital calling card, if you will. An experienced designer can use these elements to transform your visual identity, representing this new chapter in your business without a complete overhaul of your existing site.
  2. New Homepage + Graphic Updates.
    Your homepage is one of the most important pages on your site because it’s what your customers see first. Updating it with refreshed branding and better graphics can signal you’re up to something exciting.
  3. Full Rebranded Website
    After a massive rebrand, it’s time to reflect that change digitally with a whole new website. From new service pages to strong CTAs, this is a massive opportunity to impact your industry and show them you’re a worthy competitor.

Why Redesign a Website? 

Here are just a few signs that it’s time to invest in a website redesign: 

– UX Needs Improvement. Modern websites prioritize usability. A streamlined UX results in better conversion rates, turning site visitors into leads. An intuitive, innovative web design can make all the difference to your customer’s experience on your site.

– It’s Time to Keep Up with Trends. Digital marketing trends are constantly changing. If you haven’t refreshed your website in a couple of years, chances are it’s outdated, and—trust us—your customers are noticing. Whether it’s a dynamic cursor or a sleek mega menu, use the latest trends to your advantage.

– It Doesn’t Look Good on Mobile. People are searching on their smartphones more and more. Is your site ready for that? Don’t invest in a desktop design that looks squished on a phone. Optimization across devices is key, and a responsive redesign can help.

– Accessibility Isn’t There. When was the last time you analyzed your website for accessibility? A rebrand is the perfect time to make sure everyone can enjoy your website. Plus, accessibility can directly impact your search engine positioning.

– Your Platform is No Longer Serving You. As your business grows, it may outgrow your initial website platform. WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce—we can look at your needs and recommend a platform migration that can drastically improve conversions. 

A Real-Life Example: See how a Magento to Shopify platform migration leads to a 151% conversion increase on mobile for one of our clients!

Stats from website redesign

Brandography’s Website Redesign Process 

Capitalize on recent web design trends without disrupting or confusing your established audience. At Brandography, we’ve ideated and executed rebrands for businesses across all industries. Our trusted process combines your brand insights with our industry expertise. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Consultation. First, we meet with you and ask questions designed to get at the heart of the matter. What are your short and long-term goals? What roadblocks are stopping you? How has the industry changed around you?
  2. Brand Analysis. From there, we look at your current branding, competitors, KPIs, and industry needs. We’ll talk you through our findings, ensuring you are comfortable with the direction we’re going and answering questions that come up.
  3. Creation. Here comes the fun part! Our creative team will dive into new color palettes, typography, messaging—all kinds of elements that come together to refresh who you are. Along the way, we check in regularly, keeping you in the driver’s seat. After all, it’s your business.
  4. Execution. With the creative part approved, we’ll work on the website redesign. Before your site launches, we’ll put everything on a staging site so you can see exactly how it’ll look once it’s live.
  5. Double and Triple Check. Our team gives your refreshed site a double and triple check to ensure no stone goes unturned. We want everything to be pitch-perfect for your official launch date!
  6. Launch. Your new site goes live into the digital landscape. You’re ready to meet new customers and inspire previous contacts who haven’t engaged in a while.
  7. Celebrate. Sit back, take a breath, and watch your KPIs rise. 

Hire Our Website Redesign Services

If your brand needs a refresh and a website redesign, chat with our team here at Brandography. We’re ready to put our expertise and passion to work, help you grow organic traffic, and see an increase in conversions. It’s kind of our thing! 

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