The Benefits of Moving From Magento to Shopify

January 3, 2024

Finding the right website platform for your eCommerce business can be challenging, especially when the digital marketing world seems everchanging. You want to offer your customers the shopping capabilities they need without continually navigating new software problems on your end. How do you know where to invest your resources and which platform will stay relevant? 

Today, we explain why a Magento to Shopify migration is a worthwhile investment for your sales, clicks, KPIs, client satisfaction, and your own peace of mind. 

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Why Make the Move to Shopify? 

Moving an eCommerce website from Magento to Shopify can be a strategic decision for your brand. Here are some common reasons why businesses choose to migrate from Magento to Shopify:

– It’s Easy to Use (So Your Team Can Spend Less Time in the Backend) Shopify is known for its user-friendly interface and easy setup. It’s designed to be accessible for users with different technical and back-end knowledge. If Magento’s complex interface takes too much time for your team to navigate and update, you might benefit from Shopify’s simplicity.

– There’s Opportunity for Scalability (So You Can Grow the Business the Way You Want)
While both platforms are scalable, Shopify is well-poised for businesses experiencing rapid growth. It can handle increased traffic and transactions seamlessly. Not to mention, Shopify Plus offers advanced features for larger enterprises.

– It’s a Hosted Solution (So You Can Eliminate an Unnecessary Expense)
Shopify is a fully hosted platform; hosting is included in the subscription fee. This setup eliminates the need for you and your team to manage your own hosting infrastructure, unlike Magento, which requires separate hosting arrangements.

– It Automatically Handles Many Updates and Maintenance (So You Can Get Time Back)
Shopify automatically takes care of many updates, security, and maintenance tasks. With Magento, managing updates and ensuring security can be more complex, time-consuming, and even require additional resources.
It’s worth noting that while Shopify handles most updates, it doesn’t handle all of them! That’s why we offer Guardography, our website maintenance package. Having one of our developers look through your site each month keeps everything in working order, including cart functionality, state tax accuracy, and more!

– It Provides Better Uptime (So Your Customers Find You When They Want To)
Shopify is known for having excellent uptime rates (as of the publication of this article, it’s at 99.99% over the last 90 days). Not only is that good news for your user experience and brand credibility, but search engines take website availability into account in their SERPs (search engine results pages).

Common Roadblocks We Hear From Our Customers

Hesitation about moving your site is common! Here are a few things we hear from prospective clients who know their site needs a change:

“There’ll be too much downtime during the transition.”

Some clients worry that a website migration will interrupt their revenue stream. But our team’s efficiency means a seamless transition.

“The website will look totally different.”

While we can rebrand your site, we can also accomplish a migration that looks on-brand and familiar to loyal customers.

“A Magento migration will be too complicated.”

You can leave the complexities of the migration to us. We execute Magento to Shopify migrations all year, so our team has a strong handle on what needs to be done and how to do it right the first time. 

At Brandography, we’ll keep you in the loop at every stage of the migration process. Before long, your online shop will be up and running with better features, reporting analytics, and customer satisfaction than ever before.

Read Real Results From a Client 

See how one of our clients saw a 151% increase in mobile conversions after investing in a Magento to Shopify migration with the help of the Brandography team. 

Read the full case study. 

“Our ability to better offer and manage our subscription service has greatly increased. We can offer more promotions and respond to customer needs faster. And we can now improve our partnerships as we can more easily integrate with their apps.” – Client

Considering a Magento Migration? Make the Move to Shopify

If you’re ready for a change, chat with one of our eCommerce development professionals. We’ll do a deep dive into your website’s existing roadblocks and future goals. Our efficient, well-honed Magento migration process helps ensure a smooth transition so you can get back to business without missing a beat.

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