Digital Marketing Strategists

Set goals, hit targets, and maximize impact! At Brandography, our in-house team of digital marketing strategists will build you a comprehensive marketing game plan that connects, engages, and converts customers.

What We Do Best

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Reach Your Target Audience

Stop targeting everyone and start tailoring your campaigns to reach the right audience.

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Increase Brand Awareness

We'll help you utilize the best tools to reach customers interested in what you have to offer.

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Drive Traffic & Grow Sales

Competitive organic and paid strategies promote your brand and drive traffic to your site.

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Analyze & Report on Learnings

Data allows us to adjust your campaigns for maximum impact, identify gaps, and hit your KPIs.

Do You Really Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

That's an easy one. Yes, you do! As your business grows, so does the demand for professional digital marketing. Hiring Brandography means we can help you:

  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Attract highly engaged customers
  • Increase brand recognition across multiple touchpoints

By Working With Us, You Can Have:

  • Competitive SEO Strategy - With target keywords that draw customers to you.
  • Creative Content Strategy - Part of building connections with users is providing valuable resources and fresh, optimized content that educates, informs, and builds confidence.
  • Competitive Analysis - Stay informed on what your competition is doing so you can fill in their gaps and retarget their customers.
  • PPC Strategy - Eye-catching digital ad campaigns that reach customers most likely to convert.
  • Website Strategy - Our goal is to ensure your website is responsive, optimized, and designed to provide a seamless user experience to satisfy customers and search engines.

You'll also receive a comprehensive guide on how to boost your current marketing campaigns and boost brand loyalty using multiple touchpoints, including email, social, and video.

We're More of a Pack Than An Agency

When you partner with our team, you're not hiring a group of faceless drones pushing your projects down an assembly line. Instead, you'll get to tap into the minds of talented digital marketing experts with advanced knowledge in SEO, PPC, content marketing, website development, email campaigns, and so much more.

See, we don't "do" marketing. We live it. And similar to packs, we work together for one common goal: elevating your business' success! There are no silos at Brandography, only collaborations between our digital marketing strategists to ensure your campaigns are competitive and keep your business moving forward.

Our Proof

Here's a snapshot of a few clients who've already benefited from working with our digital marketing strategies.

Designed and Developed an SEO-Friendly Website and eCommerce Store to Promote Products and Advertise New Restaurant and Lounge

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Improved CPC Rates & Lead Generation from Digital Ads

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Twin Cities Shopify Development
Shopify Website Update for a Startup Company

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Creating a New Brand for ESI Engineering

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What Else Can You Expect from Brandography?

Cost Savings. Better ROIs.

Let's face it. The digital world is changing rapidly with new Google updates and algorithms, tools and software phase-outs, and changes to privacy laws. It's a lot to master on your own.

Ready for the good news? Our experienced digital marketing strategists will provide you with best practices, guidance, and data-driven insights to take your marketing efforts to the next level while saving you from costly mistakes.

We'll help your business stay in compliance and ensure you get the most out of your marketing budget so you only invest in the best software and technology to get a better ROI.

A Fresh Perspective

As a result of our work with multiple clients and industries throughout the Twin Cities, we have the experience and expertise to identify what works and what doesn’t. Such valuable insight can help you understand your customers' behaviors to deploy optimized campaigns that successfully connect and engage them.

Local Roots

For years, we've called Minnesota our home. Proudly serving businesses throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Cloud, the North, East, South, and West Metro, and beyond, we're deeply invested in making our area the best place to live, work, and market your business!

Situated in St. Louis Park, just west of downtown Minneapolis, our unique location allows us to stay rooted in the community and support local businesses with competitive marketing strategies and ad campaigns that keep them connected to their Minnesota customers.

In addition to serving the Twin Cities and its surrounding areas, we support clients across the Midwest and the country with competitive marketing solutions.

Wider Network to Market Your Business

We're always expanding our services and capabilities to keep up with demands and provide our clients with more opportunities to market their products/services. From Amazon marketing to Shopify storefronts to conversion copywriting, we have the skills and resources to help you reach new audiences and extend your digital outreach.

Over the years, we've also built meaningful partnerships and connections with other creatives in video, influential marketing, podcasting, and much more. You'll benefit from our wide network of connections and discover more ways to grow your business.


My company has worked with Brandography for years and we love them! When we have meetings to talk about one project, they come prepared with many ideas for the current project AND future projects that they know we have coming up. They truly go above and beyond.

R.F. Moeller Jeweler

Let's Get to Work

Feeling overwhelmed in the digital arena? A comprehensive digital strategy is the only way to stay competitive and ensure you hit your marketing goals and build meaningful connections with your audience. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

Ready to partner with a digital agency near you? Contact us for a free consultation. You'll quickly discover how we can support your Minnesota business, so you can better serve your customers.