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July 31, 2013

In a recent announcement, Google declared it would be retiring its Checkout product on November 20, 2013. Google Wallet, the successor of Google Checkout, will allow merchants that sell digital goods or use Google-hosted marketplaces such as Google Play to be largely unaffected. Anyone selling physical goods through Google Checkout, however, will need to find an alternative online payment method.

What does this mean for you? If you are a digital merchant or a Google Play user, read up on Google Wallet and acquaint yourself with relevant changes. Otherwise, you will need to look into alternative options very soon, as Checkout will be phasing out in a matter of months.

Google has published the following timeline for Checkout’s retirement:


Date     Product Change
May 20th, 2013      Last day to sign up for Google Checkout
November 20th, 2013      Last day to charge orders
November 21st, 2013      Last day to ship orders
November 27th, 2013      All outstanding orders will be canceled
December 20th, 2013      Last merchant refunds permitted through Checkout


Find a good alternative that’s a match for your business with the help of Brandography, your Minneapolis marketing agency. Our team of online marketing specialists will work with your company to find an e-commerce solution that fits your offerings and structure.

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