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Improved PPC Performance & ROI for Retailer's eCommerce Store



Project Overview

The retailer needed help building brand awareness for its new eCommerce store, as its brick-and-mortar location was currently receiving the majority of its sales. 

  • The client commissioned Brandography to help them develop and implement an effective advertising strategy to boost online traffic and sales.
  • As the client offers a unique assortment of hand-crafted boutique items, they wanted to target online shoppers looking to update their living spaces with coastal designs and themes that were reminiscent of the Mediterranean, Italy, and Greece.  
  • The client believed that the best way to reach this audience was to begin advertising on Instagram in order to showcase professional photos and images of their product lines.


As a boutique, the client’s online store offered a wide selection of products. The challenge becomes knowing which products to feature and promote online to generate quality leads and drive traffic back to the site to complete online orders.


  • Search Engine Marketing


Following the creation and success of Instagram ads that attractively conveyed the uniqueness of the client’s product lines, we saw an additional opportunity to invest their PPC spend in Google Ads.

We believed this would supply us with more data about the target audience and how they were engaging with the ad campaigns. In turn, we strongly felt this would provide the client with greater brand exposure and insights about individual product performance.

The Result

Following the implementation of our PPC ad strategy, we reported that during the 4th quarter:

  • The client received a 7.2x return on ad spend on their entire account with an 11.7x return on their highest spending and most profitable campaign.

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