Wild Hare Blog Content Strategy

Wild Hare Blog Content Strategy


eCommerce, Outdoors

Project Overview

Wild Hare needed a way to improve keyword rankings, showcase their products and expertise, and engage their online audiences.


The brand’s website was limited in terms of providing resources and a unique space for on-page optimization to help target product-related keywords and generate more leads.


  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization


The Brandography team built a new blog page for the website and created a keyword list and quarterly content calendar to help the company target (and rank for) specific keywords and phrases, organically. From there, the content team created original, highly engaging articles based on recommended searched queries and terms. 

Today, the company’s blog articles are ranking for 10 new keywords—causing a significant growth, especially as keyword phrases, such as “skeet vs. sporting clays” immediately ranked on page 2 of Google results.

The site also nearly doubled in referring pages—from hovering around 3,000 in early 2021 to now reaching up to 5,732. 

Finally, the site’s domain rankings also jumped from 25 for most of 2021 to 31 today.

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