Shopify Website Development & Maintenance

Want more scalability when it comes to your eCommerce store? Shopify offers you access to more apps, built-in features, and marketplaces to sell your products.

Get Support for the Design, Development, and Launch of Your Shopify Store with Brandography!

With so many eCommerce website builders to choose from, finding the right fit for your online store can be tricky! Shopify gives you the tools to build your business affordably and intelligently—whether you're just looking to add a "buy now" button on your Facebook page or develop an entire online store.

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Why Shopify for eCommerce?

This user-friendly eCommerce option is ideal for startups or businesses looking for more flexible options to scale inventory and integrate into multiple sales channels (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Here's a few other benefits you can expect with Shopify

  • It's incredibly easy to use—built with simplicity in mind
  • Professional templates allow startups to try eCommerce tools with modest investment
  • Professionally built templates have great design and fast loading times
  • SEO friendly settings let your online store rank higher in the SERPs
  • Shopify is very stable due to it's more limited feature set

Shopify Website Design Services

How you decide to design your Shopify website is entirely up to you. In fact, you can choose from numerous free or paid templates, available when you sign up.

Looking for a customized Shopify site to complement your brand? We've got you covered! Whether your site needs a design from scratch or a full refresh, we'll help you build a user-friendly website that's clean, engaging, and on brand!

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Shopify Ecommerce Website Design for a National Memorabilia Manufacturer

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Shopify Website Development Services

Shopify markets itself as an easy-to-use eCommerce website builder for small businesses. But if you're transferring an old site to a new one, scaling inventory, or integrating your new platform into multiple sales channels, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

Our developers can help you navigate through the built-in features and apps available via Shopify, so you feel confident and in control! We'll help you develop and manage your online store—as well as monitor payment processing, multiple shipments, inventory changes, and plugin updates!

Our team can also help you track user activity, including abandoned cart recovery, so you understand how customers are behaving online, whether they are converting, and which sales platforms they're coming from!

Twin Cities Shopify Development
Shopify Website Update for a Startup Company

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Guardography for Shopify

Protect your customers, their information, and your site from hackers with Brandography's Guardography services. Our monthly maintenance plan will ensure your site is protected against viruses and other potential threats.

Shopify Site Maintenance

This service also ensures your site is running smoothly to avoid any unforeseeable crashes or traffic overloads that could disrupt each user's experience—costing you customers, money, and your online reputation!

Keep your customers' trust with a secure Shopify site!

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Shopify Website Design Pricing

Every business is unique, which means the type of services you'll need to launch your eCommerce store may differ from others. Whether you're building an eCommerce store from scratch, updating your existing store, or looking to switch to Shopify from another platform, we'll create a competitive price breakdown for you.

To get started, contact us for a consultation. During this meeting, we'll get to know more about your goals, so we can design a comprehensive eCommerce strategy that allows you to reach more users and convert them into loyal customers!