Earl Giles

Designed and Developed an SEO-Friendly Website and eCommerce Store to Promote Products and Advertise New Restaurant and Lounge


B2C, eCommerce

Project Overview

Earl Giles (a Minneapolis-based company that artfully crafts and distributes non-alcoholic elixirs, syrups, tonics, and mixers for restaurants and bartenders) needed a new company website to achieve two fundamental goals:

  • Promote and sell its inventory of cocktail products to a broader audience.
  • Raise awareness for its new restaurant location, private tours, and onsite Apothecary.

The company desired a website showcasing its unique brand personality and service offerings to generate excitement and build a strong fanbase for its grand opening. 


Earl Giles wanted to revamp its outdated website from a 1-page design to an SEO-friendly website that would

  • Allow their team to make changes, add content, and upload cocktail images, as needed
  • Manage and sell inventory online
  • Encourage users to make reservations

In addition, the company wanted to actively promote and sell products online to a broader range of customers, requiring a completely new design and platform to accommodate their eCommerce store.


  • Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing


Working closely with the Earl Giles team, Brandography set out to create a strong SEO foundation for the website. From there, we designed a gorgeous website showcasing Earl Giles’ unique brand messaging and selection of cocktail products while simultaneously generating excitement and local buzz surrounding the launch of its first-ever restaurant.

From content creation to creative design and development, we built a custom restaurant website and eCommerce store that provides engagement opportunities and offers a simple navigation and checkout experience to convert new users into loyal  customers.

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