Digital Marketing News: Ordering Food On Bing, New LinkedIn Ads & The Rise of Product Placement

February 20, 2015

1. Bing Takes Ordering Food Online to the Next Level

On Thursday Bing announced that users can now order food from restaurants using the “Order Online” button within their local search results. Clicking the button will take users away from Bing search results to the online ordering platform. Search Engine Land

2. LinkedIn Ads Will Now Follow Users Around the Web

LinkedIn announced new ad products that allow advertisers a new way to reach users on outside websites. The product called LinkedIn Network Display allows marketers to target specific groups of people, like digital marketers in Minneapolis, show them ads on LinkedIn and continue to follow them online even after they’ve left LinkedIn. Recode

Search Engine Optimization
Google News gets tagged as hacked by Google’s own classification system.

3. Google Hacked Sites Classifier Misclassifies Some Websites as Hacked

Google released a new hacked page classifier for their search results with a bug that caused some websites to be misclassified as hacked. The small “This site may be hacked” label appears under the link in the search results and would obviously make any user nervous about clicking through to the site. Google is currently working on fixing the issue but until then, misclassified websites can complete a web form and have someone from Google review your site. Search Engine Land

4. Entertainment Marketing is the New Way To Advertise

The 2015 Branded Entertainment Marketing Survey shows that 73% of agency professionals and 69% of brand marketers are currently using entertainment marketing as part of their advertising strategies. The most popular tactics include product placement, brand integration, and celebrity endorsements. Direct Marketing News

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