Digital Marketing News April 24th, 2015

April 24, 2015

Digital Marketing News: EU Files Suit Against Google, Ads Based Off Your Playlist, and Bing Grows Its Share


The EU Files Antitrust Charges Against Google

This Week's Digital Marketing News
This Week’s Digital Marketing News

Last week, the European Commission filed a Statement of Objections against Google claiming that the company abused its market hold to promote its comparison-shopping services over those of rivals. The filing asserts that Google positions its services (Google Product Search and Google Shopping) more prominently than competitors and does not apply to these services the same system of penalties as it does to other comparison-shopping platforms. Search Engine Land

Spotify’s New Playlist Targeting May Be The Coolest/Creepiest Targeting Yet

The music subscription service announced last week that it would offer advertisers a new way to target their customers based on what they are listening to. Playlist Targeting uses information about which playlist someone is listening to (Workout Dinner Party, etc.) and crafts ads based on the moods and activities that would likely be associated with those songs. Clickz

Facebook Starting to Pose Threat to YouTube’s Video Dominance

According to a first-quarter earnings call, the Facebook has reached 4 billion daily video views on its site, up from 3 billion in January. YouTube reached 4 billion daily views in 2012. Another report found that 87% of U.S. advertising executives plan to run a Facebook video campaign compared to 81.5% on YouTube. Clickz

Bing Claims 20% of the U.S. Desktop Search Market

March was a big month for Microsoft’s search engine. For the first time since its introduction in June of 2009, Bing has gained a fifth of the desktop search market in the U.S. This gain puts Bing firmly ahead of Yahoo’s share of 12% but still way behind Google’s 64.4%. Both companies saw slight decreases as a result of Bing’s jump. Search Engine Land

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