3,400 Yodelers, Starbucks New Venture, and Even Faster Pizza Delivery

March 6, 2015

1. Yahoo Celebrates 20 Years with an Epic Yodeling Event

Last week, Yahoo celebrated two decades of existence by setting a new Guinness World Record. More than 3,400 Yahoo employees and yodeling enthusiasts joined together to yodel for a minute straight, shattering the previous record of 1,700 yodelers. Search Engine Land

2. Starbucks is Breaking Into Media Production

The java giant is reportedly entering into media production with journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran. Starbucks will help distribute and promote select social impact projects produced by the new start up. Starbucks joins brands such as Red Bull and GoPro that create content outside of their traditional brand image. Clickz

3. Instagram Ads Will Now be Clickable

For the first time, advertisers on Instagram will now be able to take picture browsers to their website. This comes after advertisers demanded better ways to influence people and generate more meaningful results for their business. For now, the new clickable ads will be photos but Instagram is considering whether to allow video ads as well. Tech Crunch

4. YP Introduces a New PPC Platform to Prioritize Local Search and Location Data

Yellow Pages has introduced a new pay per click platform that emphasizes location data and local search for large brands and national advertisers. The new platform called ypSearch Marketplace will allow users to import current campaigns to increase their local targeting abilities. YP argues that users on their site have a higher purchase-intent than general search users on Google and Bing. Search Engine Land

5. Pizza Delivered to Your Car? The Future is Here

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Pizza Hut and Visa debuted plans for a connected car, which would allow users to order, pay, and have pizza delivered to their cars when they arrive at the restaurant. The app (available nationwide by the end of this year) uses customer data, geo-location targeting, and beacon technology to simplify and expedite the pizza eating process. Clickz

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