What to Expect Out of Your Favorite Websites in 2017

January 26, 2017

The art of web design is constantly evolving and each year brings new website trends to the internet. Below are just some of the trends our Minneapolis web design team expects to see more of in 2017:

1. Content is King… Again

Website designers are reprioritizing content within designs. Expect to see content presented and used in unique and intuitive ways to hold the user for longer. This doesn’t mean using more content. In the case of web design in 2017, less content means more and with a visitor’s session time at a premium, efficiency is key. Expect a trend toward flatter more minimalist web designs in 2017.

The Dropbox homepage is a great example of this. Quick, bite-sized bits of engaging content splashed across a minimalist design. You immediately understand how the page works, are not overwhelmed by the design, and intuitively want to scroll more.

As content takes its throne back as king, web designers are making a blunt statement with it. Helping people read content as efficiently as possible has become a priority. One of the best ways to do this is by using the least fancy fonts.

Big, bold, sans serif fonts are the new trend in 2017 web design. Expect to see plenty more h1 tags featuring this basic font style, like the one featured on Phillips & Temro’s website.

MattAsk Matt – Website Designer at Brandography

What is the most important thing about web design? Creating a platform that engages visitors with different forms of content while accurately and effectively communicating the company’s brand. It is also important to design around the end-goal, whether it is capturing leads or driving sales.

How do you approach a new web design project? The first step is always learning and understanding the company’s brand, who they market to, and what they want their website to convey or “do”. Once I understand these pieces, I can begin getting creative within those parameters!

What do you see as being the “next big thing” in web design? Although it’s been a thing for a few years now, web design for mobile is becoming increasingly important. I think that 2017 will be the year begin seeing more website features being built specifically and exclusively for use on mobile platforms, and a continued increase in “mobile-first” design and development.

3. Simpler Menu Navigation

Have you ever visited a site on your phone only to have the navigation menu run off the page? With smartphones taking over the internet, web designers are taking a new path on how they lay out the site. Even on larger sites, expect to see simpler navigation options catered to those on smart phones.

4. Hero Videos and Image Animation

A very cool web design trend that will continue into 2017 is the use of video and animated photography behind text on homepages. This feature is a clever way to capture attention, present content, and is very effective at holding people on your site.

Steve Cook Health uses the hero video tactic very effectively with a slight opacity over the video to help the content pop off the screen.

Rail~Volution incorporates a Ken Burns type movement to the slider images on its home page. This animation naturally draws your attention into the content being presented over the slider images.

Let Brandography Help You Keep Up with the Cool Kids in 2017

If these trends have inspired you to get your website design in gear this year, give us a call! Our web designers and web development team in Minneapolis have even more cool design ideas and trends to share with you.

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