Sundays Seltzer eCommerce Site

Building a Multi-Language eCommerce Site for a New Seltzer Company


eCommerce, Startup / VC

Project Overview

Sundays Seltzer is a hard seltzer company who was just starting up, and looking to build a website that would showcase their personality, and be able to sell their products.


The website needed to be viewable and readable in several different languages and needed to follow each countries guidelines.


  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Website Development


Brandography worked with the Sundays Seltzer team to create an engaging and colorful website which allows them to distribute their product.


Website Features Include:

  • Woocommerce integration for ecommerce
  • Micro-interactions and animations throughout to engage the user
  • Multi-language translated
  • Age-restricted and cookie warning for EU compliance
  • Instagram feed integrated on website
  • Newsletter with coupon for signing up
  • Integrates multiple payment platforms
  • Mobile Optimized

Mobile Optimized for a Wide Range of Devices

Knowing that this website would be viewed in multiple countries with varying screen sizes, the website needed to be optimized for a wide range of devices.


Custom Animations and Micro-Interactions

The Sundays Seltzer team was looking for unique ways to make the site feel playful, and interactive, so we integrated a lot of custom animations and micro-interactions.

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Brandography did a wonderful job making the website for our brand-new beverage company. They were easy to work with, the site looks fantastic, and it's so satisfying to see orders rolling in from our site!

Sundays Seltzer

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