Take a Walk with Brandography to Find a Cure for NF

July 8, 2013

Join Brandography, your Minneapolis marketing agency, in supporting this year’s NF Walk by the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic disorder that affects a person’s nervous system, causing tumors to form on nerve tissue. NF can cause skin and bone abnormalities, pain, skin discoloration, hearing loss, headaches, and more in children. In some cases, complications with tumors can lead to seizures, scoliosis, blindness, or even cancer. There is no known cure.

The NF Walk is a fundraising program set up by the Children’s Tumor Foundation. These events happen all over the nation, and participants work to gain sponsors and raise money for research and awareness, and to support families and individuals affected by NF. This year, the Minneapolis walk will be held on September 29 at Mall of America.

Brandography is proud to be a contributor to the NF Walk for another year.  Our Internet marketing and web company believes in supporting good causes and being active in the local community. If this is an event you would like to take part in, learn more by clicking here. There is still time to register or donate help us get one step closer to a cure!

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