Reopening Your Business Post COVID-19 Shutdown: Is Your Brand Messaging Ready?

May 22, 2020

When we think about SEO and digital marketing, we try to keep our focus on two main targets: search engines and customers. But if COVID-19 has taught our industry anything, it’s that real engagement begins when we put people (i.e. their goals, their desires, their concerns, and their accessibilities) before our own brand image. 

For some business owners, this seems obvious. But remember, during this pandemic, what we thought we knew about our customers’ wants and needs has changed. In fact, the way we market to our target audiences has completely shifted. Yes, customers are on the internet more, but they aren’t searching for the same queries as before. They have a whole new set of needs, worries, and interests that might not align with your current campaigns and brand messaging. And if you’re not connecting with customers through the channels they’re using or providing the type of content they want to see, your brand’s voice could fade into the background. 

So, what now? 

Well, there’s one other thing our industry has learned during these uncertain times. It’s that people and businesses are creative, resilient, and have the courage to make changes in their operations that help target new customer behaviors and alleviate new pain points. 

What Effective Brand Messaging Looks Like Post COVID-19 Shutdown

A while back Moz created an article, titled “What Readers Want During COVID-19.” They split the discussion to address how this affects every niche and B2B. Though published back in April, Moz’s strategy still effectively reflects the priorities your customers have today, especially with businesses slowly reopening back to the general public. 

Customers want new information quote

Here’s the main takeaway: When it comes to your brand marketing, customers want new information, positive messaging, and reassurance that your business will put their safety first. 

If you’re planning to reopen your business, for example, one of the most essential tasks you have is communicating this information to your customers. Certain questions you’ll want to address include:

  • When is the official reopen date? 
  • Will store hours change?
  • What type of policies and procedures are you implementing to keep customers and employees safe? 
  • How will new changes affect the way you run your business? 
  • What can customers expect when they visit your location? 

And when creating this new messaging, consider which channels you’ll use (social, PPC, YouTube, newsletters, etc.), how you’ll keep the new messaging on brand, and how you’ll build confidence with your audience to venture outside again. 

3 Guidelines to Help Navigate Your Brand Messaging

The fact is when customers have up-to-date information, they feel empowered to take the next step, whether that means visiting your brewery, buying your products (in store or online), planning a repair or renovation with your team, etc. The best way to connect with your customers during this time is to keep the line of communication open.

Here are some quick tips to help you extend your brand messaging and keep customers informed:

Graphic icon of the number 1Tell People What They Can Expect: There’s no question that the interior of your store or building has changed to comply with new state policies and adhere to social distancing practices. Let your customer know what your space looks like and the changes you are making to keep them safe. 

    • Share photos of remodeling updates on social media and Google My Business. Or, you might decide to include a new landing page on your website that answers the questions your customers are asking about your new policies.

Graphic icon of the number 2Manage Your Google My Business Page Regularly: If a customer decides to reach out to your company for a product or service, they need to know whether or not you’re open for business. There’s nothing worse than a customer seeing your store hours and venturing to your location, only to discover that you “just” closed. Update your information as it changes and post regularly so customers stay informed.

Graphic icon of the number 3Keep the Good Vibes Coming: The truth is, even with the expiration of the stay-at-home order in Minnesota, customers are still worried about going outdoors into public places. Acknowledge these concerns in your messaging but always stay positive and encouraging. Remember, your business is doing everything possible to keep customers and staff safe, so be sure to extend that confidence and keep customers assured that their safety is top of mind.  

Get Support for Your Brand Messaging

Adjusting your current campaigns and marketing strategy can sound overwhelming. But with the right team of digital marketing specialists, the return on investment is far greater. To help you stay connected to your customers and deliver the right messaging at the right time, contact Brandography today! We’ll help you reevaluate your current brand image, voice, and campaigns so your customers stay informed, engaged, and loyal to your brand! 

Reach out to us today!

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