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Decreased CPC Rates & Improved Overall Ad Campaign Performance


Healthcare / Medical Device

Project Overview

Best Care is a Minnesota-based home care agency with a two-fold mission:

Provide training and ongoing administrative services (including time-tracking) to PCAs.
Educate eligible homecare recipients of their PCA options, guide them along the process of receiving homecare services, and help train and certify their preferred PCA for service.

The agency’s big push is to inform individuals living in Minnesota of their eligibility to apply for homecare services, as well as educate family members and relatives on how they may qualify for getting paid to take care of a loved one in need of home care services.

In addition to blogging, emails, and utilizing various types of content marketing touch points, the agency runs a series of PPC ads to generate quality leads, as well as target specific landing pages, based on each campaign’s KPIs. 

The agency came to Brandography, asking our PPC experts to help improve their paid ad conversion rates and ad spend in Q2, without increasing the budget.


As the client functions similarly to a non-profit—meaning they receive government funding to operate their agency—they were working off a very limited PPC budget. In addition, ads were not generating enough leads to accommodate the high CPCs.


  • Search Engine Marketing


By utilizing various tools, such as Google’s conversation value and Cost Per Action (CPA), as well as targeting top competitors and verifying keywords for relevancy and rankings, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of who the client’s target audience is and what they’re searching for.

Using this data, we carefully resculpted the existing ad campaigns to target the right users and create messaging that would connect and convert them into leads.

The Result
In Q1 of 2022, our team of PPC experts helped the agency decrease its CPCs by 71% while maintaining the same budget.

By Q2 of 2022, we saw conversion rates increase by over 250%, thus blowing Q1 2022 conversion numbers out of the water.


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