The Science of Marketing

October 5, 2017

Ever wonder how marketing decisions are made? Using a data-driven approach, this “Science of Marketing” blog series will break down the methodology behind the marketing madness. We’ll examine the strategy that accompanies the UX, design, copywriting, development, and analytics processes, all in order to maximize a company’s impact on its market.

How do designers decide what makes a logo effective? How do developers choose what type of website will best suit their client?

From psychological and scientific data to strategic planning and data-driven considerations, there’s a lot more to marketing than just feel-good tactics. A logo doesn’t get approved just because it looks nice; everything from the font, color and proportions are all considered with scientific and psychological data to support the final product. And when developers create a website, they consider the needs of the business now as well as strategically plan for a site that will support future growth and needs.

If you’ve ever wondered about the reasoning behind certain marketing strategies, our upcoming blog series will explore and explain the science and B2B marketing strategies that drives the decisions made by Brandography’s marketers.

Take a look at what the series will cover:

User Experience

The Science of UX

In-depth research, A/B testing, and creating personas are all important in crafting an ideal user experience. A methodical approach to gathering this information has a huge impact on a marketing strategy.


The Science of Design

Design needs to have both aesthetic value and functionality to be successful. Color and font choices, as well as the use of shapes and determining visual hierarchy, all have a basis in psychology and help to drive an intended outcome.


The Science of Copywriting

Good copywriting seamlessly blends SEO key terms with content marketing strategy, using psychology to determine which words will resonate with readers and urge them to action.


The Science of Development

From choosing the best platform to planning ahead for future growth, the science and strategy that goes into website development and design is crucial for creating a functioning web site.


The Science of Analytics

The work isn’t done once a product is launched. Analytics and gathering feedback help with future adjustments to the overall marketing process.

Stay tuned in the following weeks as we dive into each topic!

If your company is in need of a digital creative agency to develop a science-driven and data-supported marketing plan, contact Brandography to get you started!

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