Reviewing Your Web Presence in Five Easy Steps

September 15, 2016

Starting the day looking over pages of Google Analytics doesn’t typically appeal to most business owners. For some, just keeping up with a weekly Facebook post can seem like a battle. There’s simply not enough time in the workday to cover every base and a business’s online presence is usually the first to be forgotten.

Here at Brandography, we spend our day helping companies of all sizes improve their web presence… It’s kind of our thing. And, we understand that most business owners don’t have the resources available for proper digital brand upkeep. Recently, our digital marketing team sat down to figure out how we can help these business owners and the outcome was the blog series: Reviewing Your Web Presence in Five Easy Steps.

Do you know how your business ranks online among your competitors?

Throughout this blog series, we will look at the five things that are critical for success in the digital world and provide tips and tools to make sure your business is at its best.

1. The Digital Brand

Is your brand cut out to succeed in the digital world? Do you even know what your brand is? Find out how to know if your business’s image is being effectively (and consistently) communicated through every digital channel.

2. User Experience & Design

Once a visitor lands on your site, what do they think? Can they find what they need? Do they want to run? See how great web design fosters great UX and discover if your website is actually hurting your sales.

3. Online Security & Website Development

The real motor behind any website is how it is built. This also has a dramatic impact on how secure the site is from malicious attacks and hackers. Learn about best website development tactics and test your website’s security.

4. Digital Marketing

Even the best-designed websites are worthless if they aren’t supported by a sound digital marketing strategy. Learn basic digital marketing tactics any business owner should be taking to improve their web presence.

5. Lead Nurturing & Reporting

If someone wants what you have, do everything you can to seal the deal. Gain an understanding of basic lead nurturing and reporting tools that will turn your website into a conversion machine.

A Great Web Presence is a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

Building a successful presence online requires many tactics working strategically in tandem over a long period of time. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we help you discover the status of your web presence and help you find ways to give it a boost!

Contact our Minneapolis digital marketing agency if you need help boosting your web presence!

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