Hello, Gutenberg! Meet the New WordPress Editor

March 13, 2019

Written by Cody Ogden, Brandography’s software development manager.

I started developing for and using WordPress over ten years ago. What an amazing journey it has been to “grow up” with WordPress as a user and a developer! I’ve watched the WordPress community grow from a niche platform to running over 30 percent of the modern web.

When I build custom WordPress themes and plugins, I always try to make the site easy to edit. In fact, that’s one of Brandography’s beliefs: you should be able to edit and control your site’s content. Up until now, that meant relying on a third party system to make content editing simple. The recent changes in WordPress 5.0 made editing and managing content easier than ever. Say “Hello” to Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is a brand-new editing experience for everyone using WordPress. In short, the ability to control content is now more powerful than ever. Gutenberg redefines what it means to publish content on the web. WordPress developers can even extend the platform to create robust editing experiences. Editing becomes simpler and easier. This editing experience helps you focus on what’s important: your business.

Building Blocks

The old WordPress editing menu reminded me of a classic word processor, but content on the web has grown to be much more than words. Gutenberg allows you to focus on content creation.  It uses the concept of building blocks—”blocks”—to place and organize content. The blocks snap together to build complete page layouts letting you have complete control of the flow and design of your content.

Gutenberg ensures your content has longevity. The Gutenberg editor helps separate your content from the design. If you change your theme, the content blocks will always be available for the refreshed theme to use and display.

Developers First

Gutenberg is extremely extendable. The Gutenberg project uses React, a JavaScript framework, to power the editing blocks. Custom blocks, created by professional developers, will enhance your website’s editing experience. This helps ensure your website looks exactly like Brandography’s professional web designers had envisioned.

New projects involving Gutenberg are cropping up everyday. One is create-guten-block which allows developers to quickly get started creating a custom block. And there are many more to come.

Gutenberg is an exciting point in life for the WordPress community. I am excited to see how WordPress will evolve with Gutenberg as the editor. The future is bright for WordPress as a platform and a community, and I am so excited to see where Gutenberg takes us!

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