Choosing the Right Marketing Agency to Grow Your Business

October 14, 2020

Whether you’ve worked with an agency before, or this is your first time hiring one, choosing the right team to lead your digital marketing strategy is a big decision. It’s more than a business transaction; it’s a long-term relationship. 

The truth is there are dozens of digital marketing companies in Minneapolis, all claiming to do the same thing: help you generate new leads and boost your organic rankings. So, how do you know which agency is a) telling the truth and b) using the best tools and industry expertise to improve ROIs on all your marketing campaigns (i.e. paid, organic, Amazon, social, etc.)?

To help you kickstart your search for the best marketing agency in the Twin Cities, here are 3 essential factors that should influence your decision.

 3 “Must-Have” Traits to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

1. Goal Orientated; Results Driven

Why is digital marketing so powerful? Because it allows you to actively track data and use this information to inform your strategy to achieve better goal conversions. 

Let’s step back a moment: When you decide it’s time to invest in digital marketing services, it’s safe to assume that you have one or more of the following goals in mind: 

  • Grow Your Business
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Increase Keyword Rankings
  • Generate More Leads
  • Improve Sales 
  • Position You as an Authority in Your Industry

There is more we could add to this list, but the goals mentioned here are common among most business owners. In fact, these are all target goals your agency should have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve.

It’s crucial that your marketing team understands your goals up front and works together to set up conversations that they can track, monitor, and assess as needed. Always ask yourself: how is my team using this data? 

If they schedule monthly recap meetings with you, great! But do you understand what they’re reporting on? Are they using these metrics to adjust campaigns accordingly for greater impact? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all this fantastic information that is available about your customers, their spending habits, and their level of engagement with your brand. But the key is understanding how to use this information to create a foundational SEO strategy that is still fluid enough to accommodate new changes in behaviors, technology, and customer values. 

2. An Extension of Your Team

You might notice we’ve slipped in the word “team” where “agency” belongs in the section above. If you feel like your digital marketing agency is just another vendor that reports to you on a monthly/quarterly basis, you’re not getting the true value you deserve from such an important investment.

Your Twin Cities marketing team should feel connected, as though it’s part of your business. Having a dedicated point of contact (POC) and team there to support you, answer your questions, and bring industry leading ideas to the table is non-negotiable.

Common attributes that should always come to mind when you think of your marketing team include:

  • Genuine
  • Approachable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Timely
  • Creative Problem Solvers

If you spend half your week looking for a status update on a new Google Ad display or whether a new landing page is driving sales, it’s time to choose an agency that views the success of your company as its own.

3. Range of Industry Experts

Amazon marketing specialists, content marketers, PPC masterminds, creative designers, eCommerce developers, SEO experts—if you’re looking for a full spectrum of digital marketing services, your team should have the tools, resources, and people to lead your business forward.  

A quick way to learn more about the potential people who will make up your marketing team is to visit the agency’s About Page. This is a fun, easy way to get a high-level overview of each individual’s area of expertise, experience, and position in the company.

You might also find this information in a proposal. Just make sure you know the people and the capabilities they’re bringing to the table. Do they align with your marketing goals? If not, it’s time to find a team that does.

Looking for a Twin Cities Marketing Team?

Ready to grow your digital presence? Count on our team at Brandography to lead the way. We are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals with advanced reporting, quality content services, and competitive market insights to help you take your brand to the next level and engage more customers than ever before. 

To get started, contact us today. 

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