Accelerated Amazon Services

Take your eCommerce business to the next level with an Amazon Marketplace solution. Our Accelerated Amazon Services help you identify and implement Amazon keyword research and pricing strategies to put you directly ahead of the competition.

Unlock a Powerful Amazon Marketing Strategy

Reach your target audience

Our in-depth Amazon keyword research tailors your storefront to connect you with customers most likely to convert.

Take out the competition

With an Amazon competitor analysis, you’ll learn what your contemporaries are doing. Then you can do it better.

Harness the power of Amazon data

Our comprehensive reporting highlights gaps and opportunities so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Get Moving

Is Amazon the right spot for your business? We'll help you develop a strategy.

Take Action

You’ve got the product. Now it’s time to get set up. We’ll navigate you through the hurdles.

Gain Control

Don’t let others undo all your hard work. We’ll help you take back control over your brand.

From Amazon product research to pricing strategy, our in-depth analysis shows you how to get where you want to be. As an Accelerated Amazon client, you’ll receive your in-depth Amazon business opportunity report within 15 business days. We’re here to help you get moving faster!

What else can you expect from Brandography?

More of a pack than an agency

Hiring our Amazon experts doesn’t just mean you have our expertise. Our team’s passion and dedication elevate your Amazon storefront to a whole new level. With strategists working together on your behalf, you reap the benefits of our obsession with industry trends, cutting-edge strategies, and insider information. It’s a better, smarter way to solidify your place in the market. 

Marketing is our shared passion, and we work together as a collaborative, dynamic team uncovering every angle and opportunity to hit and exceed your KPIs. Let’s grow your business by leveraging Amazon.

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Meet with Us

We want to know what’s keeping you up at night. Tell us about your pain points, struggles, or what you don’t understand about Amazon.

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Receive Your Report

We’ll walk you through our analysis and explore opportunities, vulnerabilities, and insights about your competitors.

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Twin Cities Amazon Marketing

Beat the Competition

With this information, you’ll be ready to rock on Amazon. Join us for a continued partnership and watch your sales skyrocket!

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Key Benefits of Amazon Accelerated Services

Here’s how you’ll gain the edge on your Amazon marketing strategy the minute you get started with us.

  • Protect Your Brand with stronger controls.
  • Earn More Traffic with keyword optimization.
  • Know Your Competition using the power of data.
  • Save on Shipping Costs and retain more earnings.
  • Target Your Pricing to gain a competitive edge.
  • Speed Up Fulfillment to delight your customers.

Provided in an Expertly-Executed, Rapid-Fire Timeframe

Our Proof

See how we helped these clients succeed with our Amazon product research and strategy.

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Good Measure Amazon Product Listings

Read Case Study

ACOS, Keywords & Product Optimization for a Wellness Company

Read Case Study

More Amazon wins by our team

Lost Money Saved
We’ve achieved an average of 50-60% savings on multi-channel fulfillment shipping costs.

Compliance Nailed
We’ve cleared up 99% of policy compliance issues, ensuring clients don’t get gummed up in the works.

Margins Increased
Every penny counts. We’ve helped clients grow their sales while also lowering their ad costs.

Products Accelerated
Two months—that’s how quickly we’ve helped clients register their brand, set up FBA, and optimize listings.

Let's talk about your Amazon investment

Ready to learn how an Amazon storefront can increase your conversions? Our Amazon experts are ready to find your target audience and show them what your brand has to offer.

Below is how much investment you'll need to get started. We’ll explain how we can support your business so you can meet your customers’ needs (and look good doing it!)

The Cost


Your report will note where you are, compile specific recommendations, and help solve your Amazon roadblocks. Up to fifteen hours of work included.

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