4 Web Design Trends That Are Taking 2015 by Storm

February 27, 2015

Every year it seems that websites are getting more and more beautiful. In just the last ten years, web design has become more of an art form than anything else. It is a field in which the right and left-brain must work seamlessly together and, when done correctly, can lead to stunning results.

Today web design is evolving faster than ever. Web developers and graphic designers at Brandography and digital marketing agencies around the world are doing things today that seemed impossible only five years ago. 2015 promises to continue to break new ground in how we view websites and the Internet. Here are some web design trends that we think will become very popular before the year is up:

1.) Visitor Interaction and Storytelling

Content is king but what’s more important is how you use your content. Creating a story within a website’s content is a brilliant approach to build an emotional connection with visitors. Website designers also are using this storytelling approach to make sites fun for the user. A great example of this trend is the Space Needle’s website.

2.) Simplicity

Breaking a website down to its bare essentials is a trend that we are seeing more and more of. Aside from decreasing a site’s load time, removing unnecessary elements and content to create a clean website design is a unique way to differentiate a website while improving user experience. Trust us, it’s science!

3.) Professional Custom Photography

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a webpage and seeing a stock photo that you used in a blog post six years earlier. Brands are increasingly realizing the importance of custom high quality visuals on their website. Even if it’s just a picture of the office, professional quality photos can give a website a personal and credible feel.

4.) Hidden Main Menus

Many sites are making the bold decision to hide their main menu bars in icons that users must click to expand out. This tactic has been common in app design for years but is now being implemented as users become more familiar with the process. Huge Inc.’s website is a great example of using hidden menus to improve a site’s design.

Look for these trends and more as you browse around the web. If you notice any other web design trends, let us here at Brandography know! We’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s working and what isn’t right now in web design.


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