Writing for a Wide-Ranging Audience

October 21, 2013

Keep your audience engaged and interested with valuable, optimized content.

In the first installment of Brandography’s blog series on choosing the writing style that fits your business, we’ll look at a tone for companies that have a lot to offer!

While some companies thrive in a specific niche, many have a large range of products, services, and even audiences. If your business falls into the latter category, embrace that in your writing style and play up the fact that you have an extensive portfolio of offerings and serve a wide client base.

Our web agency focused on how much ZEROREZ® has to offer in the example below by utilizing bullet point lists and touching on company strengths that appeal to a broad consumer base. Focus on how you benefit the reader, and then encourage them to take the next step in a call to action.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I serve a dynamic audience base?
  • Will any customers feel “left out” if I direct my writing to a specific demographic (e.g., families with kids)?
  • Do I have many different offerings in multiple categories?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this may be the style for you.

Brandography’s team also did thorough research into keywords, words or phrases you can integrate into your content to help connect you with potential customers through major search engines like Google or Yahoo. Keyword integration is vital to improving search engine optimization (SEO). In the example below, keywords for ZEROREZ® are in red text, and the company name is in green.

Learn more about increasing search engine optimization, website copywriting, and writing blog articles by contacting the team of online marketing specialists at Brandography, your Minneapolis marketing firm. Schedule a free consultation today at (612) 460-0016, info@brandography.com, or through our online contact form.

Wide-Reaching Copy

Streamline your professional carpet cleaning services by using a company that handles a wide range of projects and delivers long lasting results.

Carpet cleaning does not have a reputation for being a fun experience. More often than not, you’re left with days of chemical smells and wet carpet that just seems to get dirty even faster. Thankfully, the team of Minneapolis carpet cleaners at ZEROREZ® have a solution.

Benefit from EMPOWERED WATER, our lab-tested, non-toxic cleaner made with state-of-the-art generators. The result is completely safe cleaning products that are powerful and effective.

ZEROREZ® goes beyond just carpets, offering:

  • Area rug cleaning
  • Pet odor elimination
  • Leather cleaning services
  • Couch, sofa and mattress cleaning services
  • Fire and water damage restoration
  • Commercial office cleaning
  • Air duct, grout and tile cleaning services
  • And more!

After finishing, we disappear without a trace. Not only do we bring our own water tanks and equipment, EMPOWERED WATER leaves none of the typical residue that ends up re-attracting dirt, germs, and grime. Our unique process also means a much shorter drying time, unlike traditional shampoo or hot water extraction carpet cleaners.

Work with our professional Twin Cities carpet cleaning team. We’ll tackle all of your home or office cleaning projects with reliable service that lets you get back to your daily activities faster. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that ZEROREZ® uses only green cleaning products.

Benefit from services that center around making your life safer and more convenient. Contact ZEROREZ® to schedule an appointment at (866) 937-6739, www.zerorez.com, or through the Store Locator Portal for the closest Minneapolis carpet cleaning location.

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