Why Having Dogs in the Office is Awesome

December 12, 2014

Dogs are inherently awesome. For centuries, dogs have brought companionship and joy to their owners in ways that no one and nothing else could. Whether it’s licking your face as you walk in the door or cuddling up next to your feet, nothing beats having a dog by your side.

Over the last few years businesses have started to realize just how awesome dogs are and the value they can bring to a workplace. Studies show that dog-friendly offices consistently have higher employee satisfaction and morale ratings. Letting dogs roam around an office space can also:

Companies like Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s, and Google have realized the benefits of having a dog-friendly workplace and are taking advantage of it. These organizations have done away with the old Bring Your Dog to Work Day and now encourage employees to bring their furry friend to work any day of the week. It’s no surprise that these businesses have the some of the highest employee satisfaction ratings.

It goes without saying that we here at Brandography are big fans of canines (particularly the dachshund). If you’ve visited our offices before, you’ve probably met Roufus or Lucille as they ran laps around chairs and tables. Our Minneapolis Internet marketing agency just wouldn’t be the same without these coworkers.

If you haven’t met Roufus or Lucille yet, stop by our office any time and say hi! We can talk about internet marketing, search engine optimization, website design, mobile app development, and why the dachshund is the best.

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