When to Use Humor

October 28, 2013

Attract customers to your business using laughs and witty writing.

Humor is a great tool to have in your arsenal, and it’s the subject of the fourth installment of Brandography’s series on blog and website copywriting. This tone can range from relaxed and mildly punny to full-on corny humor gauge the level of humor you use on your specific audience.

For ZEROREZ®, our website copywriters kept it lighthearted. A few small jokes and casual language helps the reader feel comfortable. Even more importantly, humor makes your company seem likeable. Likeability can be just as much a sales factor as price value and quality. Customers who like your business are generally loyal to your business.

Search Engine Optimization
Humor can be a fantastic branding choice

Ask yourself:

  • Can my business stay credible without staying formal?
  • Am I selling to individuals and families instead of other companies?
  • Are my customers laid back and likely to be appreciative of humor

Humor can also be a fantastic branding choice. Remember the corny humor mentioned earlier? One company that worked with our web agency had a continual problem of customers confusing their brand name with an animal name. Instead of trying to correct clients, the business embraced it by incorporating puns and goofy videos that played up the mistake. Customers remembered, and now often joke with company representatives – ultimately strengthening the business relationship.

Find your funny side with Brandography’s help. From blogging tips to full SEO content writing services, our online marketing specialists can give you the optimized content you need to succeed. Contact our Minneapolis marketing agency today for a free, no-obligation consultation at (612) 460-0016, info@brandography.com, or through Brandography’s contact form. 


Fun, Playful Copy  300 Words

“Nature abhors a vacuum.  And so do I. -Anne Gibbons

Whether you hate cleaning or embrace your inner OCD, eventually you’ll need professional carpet cleaning services to give your home a deep-cleanse. It can be an annoying process, however – your living room turns into a swamp area for days, Fido gets exiled to the backyard due to chemical residue, and leftover detergent seems to attract that grime right back.

ZEROREZ® is different. Our green, clean, carpet-washing team uses lab-tested, non-toxic EMPOWERED WATER that contains no chemicals, soaps, or harsh detergents. Instead, it’s oxidized with an electrical charge, removing dirt and leaving no residue. Plus, our unique process is fast drying, giving you access to your carpets in just a few hours.

You’ll be floored by what ZEROREZ® has to offer:

  • Multi-surface service we love cleaning rugs, upholstery, and hard surfaces
  • Difficult projects we have tile and grout, air duct, and leather cleaning services
  • Dries fast we won’t leave you with a lake for a living room
  • Completely non-toxic cleaners safe for pets and kids
  • Green to Clean ecologically sound (go ahead and pat yourself on the back!)
  • No Residue your carpet won’t have an off and on relationship with grime
  • Well-trained staff don’t worry about the inconsiderate handyman stereotype
  • Convenient ZEROREZ® works to make your experience awesome

Don’t let a traditional carpet cleaner pull the rug out from under you. Our BYOW (bring your own water) policy, totally non-toxic EMPOWERED WATER, and fast dry time points to the ZEROREZ® advantage we always put you first.

So let us give you the red carpet treatment. Schedule an appointment today by visiting www.zerorezminnesota.com/ or calling us up at 651.779.8888. The ZEROREZ® Twin Cities carpet cleaning team will make sure you get the clean carpet you desire and the personalized service you deserve.

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