The Most Common SEO Misunderstanding and How it will Hurt Your Business

July 21, 2015

I need to be at the top of Google by tomorrow.” – Client

SEO SpecialistsAny digital marketer that says they haven’t quietly laughed under their breath at this common request is lying. Nearly every purchase decision today starts with a search engine so naturally every business wants to be at the top of these search engine ranking pages (SERPs). Many business owners believe that a few well-placed keywords on their website will rocket it to the top of Google. In reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ranking high in organic SERPs is an ever-evolving science that requires a well-crafted and specific strategy. Needless to say, this is easier said than done. An effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan starts with understanding exactly what a business or website offers to visitors and why people come to that site in the first place.

A solid SEO plan should answer three questions:

  • What does my business offer?
  • Who does it offer it to?
  • What makes my offerings different than the other guys?

Narrowing these answers down to bare bone specifics are essential for a business’s marketing plan and equally important for its SEO. The more precise, the better.

Perhaps the greatest misconception about SEO is that it begins and ends on a website. In today’s digital business world, SEO should permeate every aspect of a company. From a business’s name to website copywriting to advertisements to social media, every decision should consider how it will affect their web presence. SEO should not be looked at as an add-on that businesses use periodically to increase page views. It is a practice that should be at the heart of any marketing plan and continually evolve with a company.

Here at Brandography we believe in the concept of SEO is that is, search engine optimization integration. This means we look at the big picture when putting together a digital marketing plan for our clients and integrate search engine optimization into their entire business plan.

Contact the SEO specialists and digital marketers at Brandography to learn more about our philosophy of SEO and how it can benefit your business today!

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