Talking Technically

October 29, 2013

Learn how to give your audience the detail they need. 

In this installment of Brandography’s series on website copywriting and writing blog articles, we’ll be looking at a more formal tone. For many industries, the technical nature of your work should be reflected in your website’s content to paint an accurate picture of your business. 

A large engineering company, for example, may sell primarily to contractors or manufacturers that are already familiar with the field. Here, technical terminology can help convey details, specifications, and certifications that boost your image and help you make sales.

In some cases, however, complex businesses still speak to the consumer directly think of a dentist or medical center. While you never want to speak down to a reader, avoiding industry jargon while providing useful information is the best choice.

Writing Blog Articles
Avoid industry jargon while providing useful information

For ZEROREZ®, our website copywriters picked the latter path. The content is technical in nature, but not too complicated for a reader to understand. Instead, visitors get the impression the company is professional, effective, and thoroughly competent.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your industry generally considered complicated or complex?
  • Is your audience looking for detailed specifications on products or services?
  • Is it important that your customer believes in your technical expertise?

In fields such as medicine, engineering, and law, it can be hard for a customer to judge quality (as opposed to a simple product they can handle). How you portray yourself in your content can make a world of difference.

The Brandography team of online marketing specialists is experienced in writing for highly complex industries. Let us help you with blogging tips, copywriting for websites, or managed SEO content writing services. Schedule a free consultation with our web agency today at (612) 460-0016,, or through our online contact form.


Technical Copy 281 Words

Safely and effectively clean rugs, carpets, hard flooring, and upholstery with lab-proven EMPOWERED WATER, a revolutionary new cleaning technology.

ZEROREZ® utilizes unique enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized using state-of-the-art generators and a combination of cell technology, electricity, and electrolytes. The result, EMPOWERED WATER, is a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals.

The antimicrobial solution has been demonstrated as environmentally and ecologically safer than alternatives on the market today. In other industries, it is even safe for human and food contact.

Benefits of ZEROREZ’s® exclusive, patented EMPOWERED WATER include:

  • Safe for hard and soft surfaces
  • No rinsing or scouring necessary
  • Removes grease and oils
  • Lab tested and verified
  • Able to kill pathogens, molds, viruses, and bacteria within seconds
  • Non-toxic cleaners are water-based and chemical-free

Alternatives to ZEROREZ® mix hot water with chemical detergents or soaps. The mixture is then pressure-applied to the surface, and removed with a vacuum. However, a significant portion remains, drying into the fibers and attracting dust and dirt particles.

This leftover residue is a common cause of accelerated re-soiling in carpets and upholstery. Additionally, hot water extraction carpet cleaning often results in longer drying times.

By contrast, the ZEROREZ® professional-grade, multi-surface oxidative water solution applies EMPOWERED WATER to fibers via low-pressure spray, loosening embedded dirt and eliminating a wide range of germs, pathogens and bacteria. The emulsified soil is then removed, leaving only the extraction water that dries quickly and without residue.

Use a lab-verified, non-toxic cleaning solution for your surface, carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Contact ZEROREZ® professionals with questions or schedule an appointment at (866) 937-6739,, or through the Store Locator Portal for the closest Minneapolis carpet cleaning location.

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