Reviewing Your Web Presence: User Experience and Design

November 17, 2016

Website homepages are the new storefront windows, comment sections are the new customer recommendations, and a contact page is the answer to the question “Can I help you?”.

Customer experience is vitally important for any brick-and-mortar business, but even more so for online stores and websites. It takes much more effort to walk out of a store than it does to close out of a web browser (not to mention the guilt that comes from being stared at by the cashiers as you leave without buying anything).

The point? Great user experience means more sales. And a great user experience online begins with a great web design. If a consumer lands on your website and is turned off by a clashing color scheme, confused by a lack of organization or simply unimpressed by an absence of quality content… they will run. Both from your website and the amazing products and services that you offer.

Review Your Web PresenceWebsites are a brand’s primary web presence. Online advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing are all channels that work to direct traffic back to the website. Think of the website as a wheel hub and any additional channels as spokes. Special attention should be paid to the wheel hub because spokes don’t offer much without something strong holding them together.

The homepage is an opportunity to define your brand with images, video, and copy. It should increase consumer interest by describing what your offer, encourage trail by showcasing brand benefits, and inspire loyalty by presenting exciting resources. The content on the homepage can even be customized to each website visitor using data gathered through location tracking or account profiles. Discover more digital branding tips here. Images and video are super when used appropriately but improperly formatted JPEGs can do a disservice to website visitors by taking a long time to download (not to mention drag down your SEO). Webpages should only require a few seconds to completely appear or consumers lose interest and click away. Broken links that present visitors with error messages like “404 not found” are another problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. A responsive web page is all the rage for many different reasons, the most important being a staggering growth in cell phone internet browsing. Computers are transforming into secondary devices for people as they spend over 50% of their digital media time on mobile, according to data from comScore. You’re not providing great user experience if your website does not look gorgeous across all gadgets and Google will like you more too.

If you answered no to any of the questions above, contact Brandography today. We are here to help boost your online presence and stop your website from hurting your sales!
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