Reaching the Family

October 22, 2013

Draw in families with benefit-oriented content.

Learn how to address parents and families in the second post of Brandography’s blog series on writing styles. Our online marketing consultants are here to offer insight on website copywriting and writing blog articles with a tone that supports your business’s goals and attracts visitors.

From restaurants and retail to home improvement and entertainment, many industries rely on the family as a vital consumer base. If your company operates in one of these fields, it is important to acknowledge and even focus on this audience.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you sell directly to consumers, as opposed to other businesses or retailers?
  • Are your products and services kid-friendly?
  • Do you find that families make up a large percentage of your customer base?

When writing to the family, remember that parents are the likely reader be sure to speak to their concerns. In this version of ZEROREZ®’s content, Brandography’s website copywriters highlighted safety for kids and pets and convenience for parents.

Whether you draw from your own experiences or utilize ideas from a focus group, always approach content from the parents’ point of view. What do they need? How can your product or service help? Can you offer added value to make their lives easier?

Work with our Minneapolis marketing agency to provide helpful, optimized content to the families you want to reach. Brandography employs a team of blog and website copywriters skilled in speaking to many different industries and target audiences. From blogging tips to managed SEO writing services, discuss your options with our web agency’s online marketing specialists at (612) 460-0016,, or through our contact form.


Family Oriented Copy 261 Words

Enjoy mealtimes, birthday parties, the new puppy, and everyday family life again, knowing ZEROREZ® is here to handle any messes. From removing carpet stains to eliminating pet odors, our lab-tested method makes us one of the best carpet cleaning services you’ll ever use.

Our EMPOWERED WATER water extraction carpet cleaning technology uses electrically charged water particles to repel and loosen dirt. No chemicals, soaps, or detergents means ZEROREZ® natural cleaning products are safe for your family, but still victorious over stains and spills.

Other benefits include:

  • Multi-surface great for cleaning rugs, carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces
  • Difficult cleaning find tile and grout, air duct, and leather cleaning services
  • Dries fast you can get back to using your rooms quickly
  • Completely non-toxic cleaners  safe for pets and kids
  • Green to Clean ecologically sound with no chemicals or runoff
  • No Residue won’t re-attract dirt and grime
  • Well-trained staff receive friendly and helpful service
  • Convenient ZEROREZ® provides all needed equipment, including water!

Gone are the days of cleaning services that commandeer your water lines and keep you from using your carpeted areas for days at a time. ZEROREZ® teams bring their own tanks for fresh and dirty water, and you’ll be thrilled at the fast-drying properties of EMPOWERED WATER!

Give your home a little TLC by contacting our Twin Cities carpet cleaning team today. Learn more about how EMPOWERED WATER works, what services we have to offer, and how many past customers love our work by checking out or calling us up at 651.779.8888. We look forward to taking care of your family!

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