New Plan to Protect WordPress Users Against Hackers

September 6, 2013

Web agency Brandography offers a new service package to help WordPress users with functionality and anti-hack upgrades.

Minneapolis marketing agency Brandography has recently announced a new service package designed to increase the security and functionality of websites hosted on WordPress. Though the popular publishing platform strongly encourages users to upgrade their versions regularly for high performance and protection against hackers, countless WordPress sites remain outdated and at risk.

Many website owners fail to upgrade regularly due to the complicated and technical nature of WordPress’s multi-step procedure. Users often opt to take the risk of a compromise in security over the risk of damaging code or losing content due to a misstep in the process.

To assist website owners with these vital upgrades, Brandography is offering a monthly package for individualized, managed updating services. For $59 a month, the web agency provides:

  • A full website backup
  • The latest version of WordPress
  • Upgrades to all utilized WordPress plugins
  • Upgrades to a user’s WordPress theme and web design layout

Brandography’s web developers personally handle each aspect of the upgrade procedure never leaving customers to an automated system. As a result, special attention is paid to each specific website’s nuances and needs. Manual updates by Brandography’s experienced online marketing specialists save clients time and worry. Additionally, this individualized process allows the team to identify any other anti-hack opportunities available for a given website.

Find protection with Brandography’s personalized upgrade package. In the past, computer hackers have targeted older versions of WordPress to exploit outdated websites. Brandography’s website developers know the upgrade procedure and use WordPress on a daily basis. Leverage this expertise for safe, efficient, and customer-friendly WordPress websites.

Stay up to date and stay safe contact Brandography’s team of online marketing consultants to discuss security opportunities at (612) 460-0016,, or throughBrandography’s online contact form.

About Brandography: 

Brandography is a comprehensive Internet marketing and web company providing a full spectrum of services performed with the highest level of integrity. Offering advanced website development, graphic design, online email marketing, mobile app design, search engine optimization (SEO) and more, Brandography is renowned for imaginative brand creation, successful online marketing and advertising techniques and the very best customer service and support, bar none. Contact them at 612-460-0016 or


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