Oak Meadows Digital Makeover The First Bite Assessing Goals

May 30, 2013

Oak Meadows, a senior living community, won the Doggone Worst Website contest co-sponsored by the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce (SPACC), and Brandography, your Minneapolis Internet marketing and web company. In this post, we’ll prove that we can teach an old dog (or website) new tricks.

Before, Oak Meadows website just didn’t do justice to their beautiful campus, strong community, or dedicated staff. We’re glad to provide them with online marketing help and to show you how our process can benefit your own website.

The first step our Brandography team of online marketing specialists took, one that you should take for your own company, was to assess Oak Meadows’ goals. We met with Kim Prayfrock, the Director of Community Relations, and asked questions like:

1) What need will your website fill?  This provides a foundation for your website.

Oak Meadows wants to provide information and attract new tenants. We’ve already started tidying up their content, making the site easy to read and navigate. Information will be more accessible, and pictures of the stunning grounds will engage visitors visually.

2) Who are you targeting? This tells you what audience you are writing to, and what to highlight.

Oak Meadows audience is two-fold, speaking to both seniors and their families. Both audiences want detailed information about the apartments and community, so we’ll be including pages on activities and amenities and adding photo galleries.

3) What are your unique selling points? This lets you explain why you stand out.

This was easy Oak Meadows is a non-profit senior living facility in Minnesota, affiliated with the MN Conference of the UCC, winner of numerous awards, and recent partners of the well-regarded homecare agency, Lifesprk. Oak Meadows is close to town, but feels tranquil due to stunning landscaping. On the website, we’ll play up all the factors that make Oak Meadows special.

Discussing these questions gave us a great place to start! All business owners should have a solid grasp of their goals, audience, and unique selling points to make the most of their website.

That’s the sneak peek for this week! This blog series, sponsored with the SPACC, will provide makeover updates and ideas on internet marketing for online businesses. The goal of both Brandography and the SPACC is to help develop and improve the business community in the Twin Cities area.

Check back next week to learn more and see how we’re making oak-meadows.org into a top dog website!

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