Brandography Recognized as 2013 Deubener Award Finalist

November 5, 2013

Honored as a 2013 Deubener Award Finalist within the Emerging Business category, the innovative Internet marketing and web company, Brandography, received multiple nominations for this respected award celebrated by the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce (SPACC).

Since 1981, small business success has been recognized by the SPACC via the Deubener Small Business Awards which honor the entrepreneurial spirit of Walter and Lydia Deubener Saint Paul business proprietors who personify the innovation, perseverance and hard work of small business.

To become a finalist, the web agency, Brandography, was judged based on outstanding growth along with sound financial management, commitment to job development, support of the development of the Saint Paul/East Metro area community, contributions to the success of small businesses, a meaningful/tangible impact on people’s lives and the community, a demonstrated willingness to take risks, employment of a diverse workforce and positively applying innovation in products, processes, services, technology, marketing, etc. to maintain success in the marketplace.

Company spokesperson, Cathy Kirschner, notes, The foundation of Brandography’s philosophy is built on service exceptional service to the business community, supportive and a-hand-up service to new businesses and emerging entrepreneurs, donated time and services to nonprofit organizations and service to one another within the Brandography team itself. A unique aspect of the culture of Brandography is the level playing field of service which is reflected as Brandography leadership serves the members of the team and team members serve one another. Brandography believes that service with integrity begins inside the walls of the organization first and then flows out to the individuals and businesses they serve.”

Founded in 2008, Brandography has emerged as a credible and respected leader in all aspects of web marketing and website services serving high profile Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals just venturing into the market.

Along with proving themselves as a viable firm, Brandography has emerged as a new kind of web marketing business. Instead of studying and assimilating to the practices of existing online marketing firms, Brandography left the starting blocks with a new kind of structure and unique approach founded on the principle of respecting, serving and partnering with clients while also empowering them.

Brandography owner and CEO, Jason Dailey, experienced first-hand the oppressive practices of some web developers who after collecting large fees from clients, left them vulnerable with no control or means to manage their own website and in the worst scenarios, with no ownership of their site.

From these experiences, Mr. Dailey envisioned and built a different kind of web marketing agency where businesses are served and seen for the dreams, hard work and livelihood of the individuals that they represent.

The 2013 Deubener Award finalists will be recognized with award winners announced at the SPACC Fifth Annual Chamber Honors Gala.

Experience Brandography’s high commitment to service by connecting with their team of online marketing consultants at (612) 460-0016,, or through Brandography’s online contact form.

About Brandography:

Brandography is a comprehensive Internet marketing and web company providing a full spectrum of services performed with the highest level of integrity. Offering advanced website development, graphic design, online email marketing, mobile app design, search engine optimization (SEO) and more, Brandography is renowned for imaginative brand creation, successful online marketing and advertising techniques and the very best customer service and support, bar none. Contact them at 612-460-0016 or





837 Glenwood Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55405

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