Specialists Recommend Innovative Uses of Video to Improve Sales

June 3, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 3, 2013)- The online marketing specialists at Brandography, a Minneapolis web marketing firm, have honed a video marketing strategy encompassing over 50 different approaches to utilize website video as an effective sales and marketing tool and strategy.

Supported by studies indicating that the presence of digital video on a website can increase business, awareness, and customer satisfaction, findings show online visitors that view a video are 65 percent more likely to make a purchase, properly optimized web videos increase chances of front-page Google results by 53 times, and over 90 percent of online shoppers find web video beneficial in making a purchase decision.

The large impact digital video has is partly due to its wide range of use in online marketing and advertising. From traditional commercials to viral videos, companies are able to raise awareness about their products and services. On a website, in email newsletters, or even within a blog post, digital video can be used to demonstrate product usage and unique features. Videos may act as a manual, showing product applications or maintenance for post-sale support. For service-oriented businesses in particular, digital video containing success stories and testimonials may be helpful.

Behind the scenes, many companies use digital video for employee training, virtual tours of facilities or equipment, and for internal communications.

As an added value, Brandography is providing custom photography at no cost with each digital video service scheduled through March to promote these effective marketing services empowering businesses with more visibility to potential and current customers.

“Digital video is an excellent way to secure a visitor’s interest or educate them about a product,” says Jason Dailey, president of the Minneapolis marketing agency. It is incredibly versatile, and we’re always excited to explore a new approach that benefits our clients.”

For more information about Brandography’s innovative web marketing services, visit www.brandography.com and contact them at info@brandography.com or 612-460-0016.

About Brandography 

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brandography is a comprehensive digital marketing company providing a full spectrum of web marketing services performed with the highest level of integrity. From creative website design and marketing strategies, graphic and video services, pay-per-click and email marketing to search engine optimization (SEO) and beyond, Brandography is renowned for creative online brand creation, successful marketing techniques and the very best customer service and support, bar none. Contact them via their website or 612-460-0016.

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