Let’s Talk About Conversions!

June 9, 2015

Sales are the lifeblood for any business. No matter the industry one thing remains true: a company needs to make money to survive. Fortunately, there has never been a better (or more competitive) time for a business to sell its offerings. The Internet has made it possible for an artist in Arkansas to sell his handmade clay flowerpot shaped like Italy to a botanist in Rome. It truly is a remarkable world we live in.

Here at Brandography, we work with many e-commerce clients that all have the same goal: sell, sell, sell! Whether they’’e selling flowerpots or various B2B products, it’s important for these clients to have a website that accurately captures the image of the business, is user friendly, and makes purchasing easy and intuitive. While all these components must be in place to make a great site, that last item may be the most important because it’s what all of us e-commerce nuts strive to attain: conversions.

So what is a conversion? A conversion occurs whenever a visitor to an e-commerce site completes a transaction. A conversion rate compares the total number of visitors to your site with the number of visitors that actually purchase something.

Smartinsights.com recently compiled some interesting insights on conversion rates across various US e-commerce sites in 2014. Here are some of the big takeaways:

  • The average conversion rate was 2.62%
  • The conversion rates for a traditional computer was 3.04% followed by tablets at 2.57% and smartphones at .92%.
  • A Mac user is nearly twice as likely to make a conversion as a Windows user (3.11% – 1.64%)
  • AOL Search (4.48%), Bing (3.03%), and Yahoo (2.80%) provide the most referrals that lead to conversions
  • iPhone users are nearly three times more likely to make a conversion than a Windows phone user (1.8% – .64%)

Whether you’re looking to give a kick to your e-commerce conversion rates or need a new website to sell your collector flowerpots, Brandography is here to help. Our team of digital marketers is ready to help you increase your conversion rates and sales!

Contact Brandography at 612-460-0016, info@brandography.com, or through our website!

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