Is Marketing Automation Your Ticket to New Leads in 2016?

January 8, 2016

The idea of a company automating its marketing efforts is nothing new. In fact, the first email ever sent was likely a promotion for an “Everything Half-Off Labor Day Sale!” Today, there are more automating platforms, options, and technologies than ever before and as a result, many businesses are falling victim to what we like to call: marketing automation frustration.

Marketing Automation Frustration: “The process of using marketing automation platforms ineffectively resulting in a lack of leads and stagnant sales.”

So What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to buy and sell more efficiently without the need for a full sales team.

A great example of marketing automation used to its full potential is Amazon. The site has automated its marketing through email, remarketing, and social media tailoring specific content based off users habits on it sites. Anyone who has viewed a product on Amazon has likely seen it again and again as they traverse the Internet, coming across highly personalized offerings to visit Amazon again. Once a product is purchased, Amazon then sends out an email asking for feedback on the customer’s experience and begins marketing related products to them as well. In this way, the company not only creates new customers by reminding them of what they want, but keeps them by assuring satisfaction and presenting options for further purchases.

Marketing Automation Frustration 
Any business is looking to increase sales and revenue and that’s exactly what marketing automation software claims to do. Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t in a position for it to be effective or they simply don’t use it properly. As a result many investments in marketing automation software fail.


What goes wrong?

At its basis, marketing automation is great at targeting existing prospects or clients. It’s very easy to send out an e-blast to an existing contact list but many businesses forget about tactics to grow that list. The majority of failures in marketing automation are the result of a lack of new leads and therefore, less revenue.


How to avoid Marketing Automation Frustration
The answer to this is simple: Treat people like people. Gone are the days when a single generic email blast could be sent to a contact list and generate hundreds of new leads. Clients and prospects want to see what they want, where and when they want to see it (a tactic Amazon has all but perfected). If you’re reading this you most likely are no’t a marketing executive at Amazon, so how can you use automation software to enhance your marketing efforts?

  1. Create relevant and engaging content that addresses a client or prospect’s specific needs.
    Without a consistent and benefit-oriented message, your marketing will crash before it even takes off. Show why your company is the best solution for a prospect’s specific challenges or a resource for their interests. Any lasting relationship starts by finding common ground and marketing is no different.
  2. Use all marketing tools available to create a picture of the person to whom you’re marketing.
    It’’s critical that you take advantage of all analytics, metrics, and data from your website, social media, or email blasts to see what customers are (and aren’t) responding to within your marketing approach. If you can accurately understand a prospect’s needs you’ve won half the battle.

While not every company can (or should) automate their marketing efforts to the degree of, some marketing automation is generally a smart way to better organize and allocate marketing efforts. Contact Brandography to learn more about the different marketing automation tools we use and discover tricks to enhance your digital marketing presence.

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