Go on a Walk, Play Fetch, and Bring Your Camera!

June 19, 2013

Welcome to another sneak peek of the progress we are making on Oak Meadows, the winner of the Doggone Worst Website Contest! This week, the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce (SPACC) and Brandography will highlight another key tip on how to do online marketing using photography and digital video.


Custom photography is a fantastic way to both engage and interest your audience. Whether it’s products, team members, facilities or recent projects, a good visual representation of your business helps visitors connect and take the next step toward a purchase.

At Oak Meadows, pictures are vital. Potential tenants and families want to see the campus and rooms to help them decide whether or not to tour. We updated their current galleries and added pictures of current tenants in with facility photos.

Digital Video

Recent studies show adding a video to your website can make a dramatic impact on buyer habits. Videos are great for nearly every industry, as they can portray everything from a product demonstration to a virtual tour.

We opted for the latter at Oak Meadows, creating a simple but striking video of the gorgeous grounds and happy community. It shows common areas, outside scenery, various rooms, and the tenants themselves.

Adding in these critical visual elements is important to every business, even if you only offer services. Photography and digital videos give a new layer to your company that increases visitor attention and motivates them to learn more.

The Doggone Worst Website Contest is co-sponsored by the SPACC and Brandography, a Minneapolis marketing agency offering a full range of strategic online marketing and advertising services. This blog series assists readers in expanding their own business by giving online marketing help and tips.

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