Get Protection Against Hackers for Your WordPress Website

August 29, 2013

Protect your WordPress site with regular upgrades from Brandography’s team of expert website developers.

If you use WordPress, you’re not alone nearly 70 million WordPress sites exist across the globe. Part of the platform’s popularity is due to its continual quest for safer practices. Manifested as regular upgrades, each new version fixes bugs and closes opportunities for your website to be compromised. Unfortunately, many users do not keep up with these updates, losing out on valuable security and anti-hack measures.

“Upgrading is taking your vitamins,” noted WordPress blogger Matt Mullenweg in 2009 after computer hackers targeted older versions of the platform. “Fixing a hack is open heart surgery.” Users who had updated versions of WordPress at the time of the attack were unaffected.

Why don’t all website owners upgrade regularly? Complicated and technical, the multi-step procedure is daunting at first (and second) glance. Users often opt to take the risk of hacking over the risk of messing up code or losing content due to a misstep in the process.

Feel stuck between a rock and a hard place? Let Brandography protect your system. Our web agency’s online marketing specialists know the upgrade procedure and use WordPress on a daily basis. Leverage this expertise to keep your site safe, efficient, and customer-friendly.

Now, you can benefit from Brandography’s special monthly upgrade package. For only $59 a month, you receive:

  • A full website backup
  • The latest version of WordPress
  • Upgrades to all WordPress plugins used by your site
  • Special attention to your WordPress theme and web design layout

Beyond saving you time and decreasing your risk, Brandography promises an individualized experience. A web developer will do each upgrade and backup manually, taking into account the nuances of your specific website. This means no automated services your updates are done right the first time.

Choose the security you need with the convenience you desire. Talk to our online marketing consultants today to see if this WordPress update package is right for you. Contact our Minneapolis marketing agency at (612) 460-0016,, or use our online contact form.

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