Excel at Website Copywriting by Choosing the Right Writing Style for Your Business

October 14, 2013

Make the most of your website and blog with optimized content, helpful information, and the writing style that compliments your business’s brand.

Brandography, your Minneapolis marketing agency, is happy to announce an upcoming blog series on choosing the right tone and voice for your website copywriting. Starting the week of October 21 and running through the end of the month, Brandography will post several examples of writing styles, discussing what industry, audience, or company goal each can help meet.

Wondering how big of a difference changing the tone of your content can make?

With their permission, we rewrote content from ZEROREZ®, a well-known carpet cleaning company, six different ways. During the series, we’ll post these variations and discuss the potential benefits of each style to your business.

Follow the series here on the Brandography blog:

Oct. 21 Writing for a Wide-Ranging Audience

Oct. 22 Reaching the Family

Oct. 23 Speaking to Other Businesses

Oct. 28 When to Use Humor

Oct. 29 Talking Technically

Oct. 30 For the Award Winners

The Brandography team is here to help you find your voice. Whether you’re an engineer, a chef, a non-profit leader, or the founder of your own start-up company, we can help you shine.

Find blogging tips, SEO content writing services, and more with the online marketing specialists at Brandography. Let us help you succeed in every aspect of your marketing plan, from website creation services and graphic design to email marketing programs and mobile apps. Discuss your company’s opportunities by contacting Brandography at (612) 460-0016, info@brandography.com, or through our online contact form.

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