eCommerce for B2C: How to Find – and Reach – Your Customers

March 30, 2018

B2C eCommerce is booming – and if you’re a B2C business, this can both help and hurt you when it comes to reaching your target audience. Locating your target market – and helping them locate you – requires a different strategy online than it does offline.

In the real world, a customer could walk down the street and see an interesting store and walk in; in the digital marketplace, a B2C company needs to capture their customers’ attention in different ways. Instead of billboards or store signage, successful B2C digital marketing agencies requires the use of both SEO and SEM.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps organically boost your company’s visibility to customers who are searching for businesses like yours. Certain key words can, in a sense, play matchmaker with a consumer and a company that offers what they’re searching for. Successful SEO marketing agency’s like Brandography integrate highly-relevant SEO key terms, and having a strong SEO marketing plan, increases the likelihood of you connecting with your target market in the digital world.

Search engine marketing (SEM) helps direct traffic to your B2C eCommerce site through paid advertising. SEM marketing services still uses specific key terms to connect relevant search terms to your business, and it’s an effective way to target customers who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

SEM uses paid advertisements called pay-per click ads. A benefit of pay per click ads versus print ads is that you only pay when someone takes action (clicks on the link) – whereas with a billboard, sign, or poster, you are paying the same amount whether someone takes action or not.

By taking advantage of the individualized marketing strategies that are available in digital marketing, the broad global internet market is narrowed down to a manageable target audience.

If you’re looking for an Agency to increase your brand presence in eCommerce, check out our eCommerce services. Brandography is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing company that offers extensive and comprehensive SEO consulting services to help businesses increase their presence in online marketing. Talk to our team today!

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