eCommerce for B2B: Tailoring Your Approach for an Optimal Outcome

February 23, 2018

Running a B2B business successfully requires many things: having an effective leadership team, providing an essential product or service, and understanding customer’s needs, among others. How a business executes on these factors can greatly impact its success.

As a leading B2B agency serving the Minneapolis area, we know that many businesses are still reluctant to embrace eCommerce as an integral part of their business – but there are major advantages to incorporating an eCommerce platform onto your website.

Understanding B2B buying trends can help you figure out which eCommerce platform will best suit your needs and your customers’ needs. The benefits for tailoring the buying experience for your customers can be huge – you’ll reach more buyers and process their orders faster, with increased accuracy.

B2B buyers’ habits are trending more towards using the web and eCommerce to conduct business transactions versus more traditional methods. More and more, B2B buyers are looking to buy directly from brands as opposed to distributors. Eliminating the extra step in the process can increase cost savings and potentially speed up timelines for delivery.

B2B buyers also are using SEO marketing agencies and search engines to fulfill their purchasing needs more often, and are expecting personalized purchasing experiences tailored to their needs. They’re looking for accounts curated to their specific needs for fast processing and approvals.

When determining which eCommerce platform will best work for your target market, keep in mind that buyers are oftentimes on-site or on the go – meaning having a mobile-friendly site is crucial.

If your company is looking to integrate eCommerce into its site, be sure to consider how to retrofit product offerings into a new system. Transitioning to an eCommerce platform can be daunting, but the Brandography team can help you with website design and development and aligned B2B marketing strategies to make the transition streamlined and effective.

There are plenty of options for eCommerce website development and web design, and Brandography is here to help you determine which platform is best for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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