Does Your Company’s Strategy Include Omni-Channel Marketing?

May 15, 2017

Most marketing buzzwords are only popular for a few weeks or months at best but, “Omni-Channel Marketing” just might be here to stay. Omni-Channel Marketing goes way beyond making it pop or posting clickbait; in fact, it may be the most important piece of any company’s marketing strategy today. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you’re not alone. However, a thorough understanding and implementation of Omni-Channel Marketing will give you a leg up on competitors in the digital space and enhance your company’s overall brand. So let’s get started!

What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

The buzzword refers to the need for marketers to offer a seamless and consistent experience for consumers across multiple channels and devices. The idea goes beyond traditional integrated marketing principles by anticipating the reality that consumers will likely start in one channel and move to another or more before completing a conversion.

Think About It…

What was the last purchase you made online? How did you first hear about this company? Did you read any reviews about the product on social media? Did you research other places to see if you could find a better deal? Did you see it in a retail store first only to buy it online?

Even though the answers to these questions will be different for everyone, every sale can be attributed to one or several distinct positive experiences. Creating that positive experience consistently is what Omni-Channel Marketing represents.

Consistent is Comfortable

Put yourself in the subjective shoes of your customer. If you were buying what your company is selling, what would you want to see and where would you want to see it? Better question, does your marketing plan reflect that in every channel?

With so many different places to interact with your company across the digital and traditional marketing landscapes, providing a consistent customer experience can be a challenge. To get a better feel of how your company is doing, try walking the path that your customers take to a conversion. Whether that’s completing a sale or submitting a lead, go through it from start to finish on all devices to see if there are any unnecessary barriers or oddities.

  • Is the messaging and voice consistent across webpages, print ads, video ads, social media, etc.?
  • Are the photos of products consistent across all platforms?
  • Is the pathway to a conversion clearly communicated across all channels?

Then, ask people outside your company to go through the same process and ask for honest feedback on any issues or confusion they encountered.

The Mighty Personalized Sales Path

Have you ever viewed a product on Amazon only to have it follow you around for weeks on social media, in your inbox, and across the internet? Amazon is great at providing a personalized sales path for their customers by reminding them what they want and making it easy to complete a purchase.

While you likely won’t be able (or need) to have a marketing strategy as robust as Amazon, you can take some notes from their approach. Giving your clients a path that’s completely their own is the best way to guide them to a conversion. Digital marketing tactics as part of a larger Omni-Marketing strategy makes it easy for companies to reach potential clients when and where they are most likely to complete a conversion.

Give Your Clients the Personal Experience they Crave   

Discover which marketing tactics are right for your company and how best to implement Omni-Channel Marketing strategies into your marketing plan with our Minneapolis digital marketing team. We’ll work with you to create personal sales paths for your clients and build your Omni-Channel Marketing presence.

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