Qualification Targets

Improved Google Ad Campaign Performance and Website Traffic



Project Overview

Qualification Targets, Inc.—a large shooting target manufacturer and distributor for law enforcement and military departments across the United States—wanted to increase their brand awareness and improve the number of new and returning visitors to their website with Google Ad campaigns.


Qualification Targets, Inc. is one of many shooting target manufacturers, making it difficult to rank for target keywords amidst such a highly competitive industry. The challenge was to create engaging and effective Google Ad campaigns that featured the right products in order to convert users to choosing QT’s wide selection of paper, cardboard, and steel targets over competitors.


  • Strategy
  • Content Creation


Using Google paid advertising and Google Shopping, the Brandography team was able to initiate a reference point by creating ad campaigns that featured all the products available on the brand’s online store. 

Through continued analysis and review, the team got to work, significantly reducing ad costs by removing campaigns that targeted lower selling products. This process allowed Brandography’s PPC experts to immediately identify and invest ad spend on more “high-demand” products to improve each campaign’s ROI.

In the end, the Brandography team was able to generate a 4.5X return on Qualification Target’s ad spend in a 30 day turnaround, compared to the year prior, when the ad return was 3.1X.

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