Brandography Collabs with Field Nation University To Grow Businesses

March 28, 2016

Brandography Collaborates with Field Nation University To Help Businesses Grow Their Companies

A New Age Of Job Hunting & Employees

In today’s chaotic world, we all seem to be running short on timemeeting. We live in a microwave society where there never seems to be enough hours in a day. Whether we are running the kids to school or working three jobs, life still must go on.

Each hour is ever becoming ever more valuable and this is most true in the workplace. With the evolution of technology and the decreasing need for paper applications, finding and applying for a new job has become an ever-evolving experience compared to previous generations. Not only are individuals having a harder time finding a new job, but many individuals are finding themselves either unhappy in their current positions or simply unsure on what their future might hold for them.

Statements like these are not only made by individuals looking for new positions, but also from businesses looking for the right talent. Field Nation University has become a front runner for helping service providers advance their technical skills and field services education, while also helping service buyers learn to maximize the benefit of Field Nation’s featured suite. Brandography recently partnered with the Field Nation team to bring their University to life with an engaging video series focusing on helping employees and businesses be the best they can be.

Who is Field Nation?

Field NationField Nation’s innovative platform matches businesses with the independent contractors they need including professionals in networking, telecom, low voltage cabling, and more. The company emphasizes three main points when it comes to their approach to business:

                  • We Facilitate Relationships
                  • We Support All Involved
                  • We Are Hands – On

Statistics show that Field Nation provides a very high and consistent rate of success in  their work:

                  • 98.6% customer satisfaction rate based on feedback from existing clients.
                  • 80% of companies that sustain work on our platform experience
                  • 40% increase of volume year over year.
                  • Leading companies have saved over $135,000 on a project by accomplishing it with us.

Brandography and Field Nation Collaborate on Four New Training Videos

Learning a practice or a skill the correct way is a high priority for any employer and learning these traits can be achieved in many different ways. Working with Brandography’s video services,

FiStock_000009304690XSmallield Nation has added educational training videos to its Field Nation University resources. These videos have developed into a captivating training tool that is essential for the growth, and success of each individual that Field Nation works with. Brandography’s video services worked with Field Nation to produce videos center on:

Brandography’s digital video services has helped Field Nation University continue to change the face of the job market, allowing job hunters to learn new skills quickly and effectively. If you or someone you know is looking for a career change or you just want to see the future of, spend some time learning more about Field Nation and all they have to offer. Looking to add a video educational resource to your website? The digital videographers and web designers at Brandography are ready to help you create whatever you need to enhance or grow your business.

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