Supercharging B2B Leads With a Fusion of SEO and PPC Mastery

Foxtrot Marketing Case Study


Foxtrot Marketing creates custom-branded merchandise to elevate brand value and build business goals. Staff can buy branded jackets, office supplies—all kinds of merchandise!

Their passion for their work is undeniable, and their new business came primarily through referrals for their incredible work. When it was time to really push their growth, they asked Brandography to help leverage digital marketing strategies and broaden their reach.

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Growth had been primarily through sales staff and trade shows. Ready to take their business to the next level, they asked our team of experts for help with digital marketing.


  • Unique website hosting coupled with highly customized page builder content meant we had to strategically optimize the site for increased traffic without compromising UI/UX.
  • Form optimization and goal tracking within HubSpot for a WordPress site required extra attention to ensure the workflow was operating correctly.



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Average Qualified Monthly B2B Leads


B2B marketing can be a specific hurdle because businesses search for what they need at very irregular times. Not all business searches take place during business hours. 

Plus, B2B marketing often involves longer sales cycles. Building and nurturing relationships is crucial, and trust and credibility play a significant role.

Brandography used SEO and PPC to grow Foxtrot Marketing’s revenue dramatically. First, the digital marketing team made holistic improvements to the client’s SEO. Gabe Lamon, Brandography’s SEO Strategist, systematically worked through the site, making it more organic-friendly and increasing visibility for potential clients searching for branded merchandise options.

Next, Brandon Kasper, Brandography’s Senior Paid Strategist and Analyst, set up Google Search Ads to help drive more traffic to specific pages on the site. 

Kasper’s unique approach to SEM marketing involves following industry-leading PPC techniques, including:

  • Setting up microconversions during different parts of the sales funnel.
  • Automated bid strategies in the most effective way possible.
  • Researching negative keywords to maximize conversion values.

After a few months, the Foxtrot Marketing team asked to reduce spending and SEO work because they were too busy with new leads!

“When it comes to PPC results, the data doesn’t lie.”

- Brandon Kasper


“While B2B marketing and B2C have similarities, what excites me about B2B is that it goes beyond building relationships with a brand. You have an opportunity to foster relationships between people! These connections aren’t just energizing; you can often make excellent introductions and find creative business solutions and opportunities for yourself or others. 

 While it's true that there are differences in tools, tactics, and high-level strategy, don't overlook the value of a business relationship.

My philosophy is that we focus on helping people first and ignore the temptation to ask, "What's in it for me?" Do the right thing, share your best ideas, and help your clients and friends succeed.

That mindset, coupled with hard work and creative thinking, will always have a positive outcome.

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Brandography CEO & Founder

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